Introduce Yourself : Hello you beautiful people! by Faith Perry

Faith Perry

Hello you beautiful people!

I'm Faith Perry and I'm a Production Assistant. I love working on set and everything film and video. Meeting new and creative people is super exciting and I can never wait until my next gig. I hope to work with some of you in the future!

LeAnn Morris

Faith, it's nice to meet you!!!

Aray Brown

Hello Faith :) Nice to meet you. How are things?

Faith Perry

It's good to meet you guys, things are going well!

Izzibella Beau

Hi, Faith. Welcome to Stage 32. It's a pleasure meeting you.

Kodi Zene

Nice to meet you!

Rosalind Winton

Hi Faith, welcome to the site :)

Joe Palumbo

Welcome Faith!

Malik Zain Tiwana

hello faith.. em Zain from Pakistan.. same passion as you written above. but focuses on acting and directing...

Evan Rogers

Hi Faith! Welcome, it's great to meet you! If you're interested in writing or producing PM me, I'd love to talk :D

Rakesh Malik

Welcome! I'm a Seattle based cinematographer, could certainly use some good crew in case you're ever in the area ;)

Richard "RB" Botto

Love your energy, Faith! Great to have you here!

Malik Zain Tiwana

Love it .. likewise & yes its more exciting to meet new people & its seems like each new person is a new book to read for me

James Pappoe Jr

Hi Faith!

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