Introduce Yourself : New with big dreams! by Michaela Drescher

Michaela Drescher

New with big dreams!

Hello, I have an account by Stage32 since 2 days. My name is Michaela Drescher, I am 20 years old and I am actually from Germany but currently living in New York. I am dreaming of becoming an actress, a fitness model, personal trainer and professional soccer player. I am new in the business of my first 3 dreams and I am very thankful for the great community on Stage32. I am a very ambitious, hard working, athletic, energetic, friendly, positive thinking and happy person who lives everyday. I believe in myself and my dreams and I always give all I got because I have just one life and later I will they that I had a really good life and no regrets! :)

Adrienne Lamm

Hello fellow Stage 32'ers! I have been a member for 3 years now and find that this is a great networking and learning site. I am a marketing communications pro by trade but have used those skills in helping those produce feature articles, revivals of plays and so much more in the Los Angeles, CA area. Good Luck to everyone!

Hadie Mukandakese


Brad Rushing

Hi Michaela - Welcome to Stage 32 and to the film business. I am a cinematographer living in Los Angeles and originally from Houston, TX. This is my work: I know some filmmakers in New York if you'd like to make some connections. Also the daughter of friends of mine from France is moving to New York in August. She is 28, but does not work in the film business. I think you and she might be nice company for one another if you'd like an introduction. Feel free to write me directly: All My Best! Brad

S'alfrico Watson-Grant

Hello and Welcome. All the best with your dreams!

Michaela Drescher

Thank you all! :)

Nicholas J Benson


Lord Graham C Jones

Hi Michaela. Welcome along. Hold on to those dreams :-)

Michaela Drescher

I will :)

Marc Anthony Greenland


David Ikechukwu Akam

hold on to your dreams sweetie...cos believing in yourself remains the best gear you can ever have

Richard "RB" Botto

So great to have you here, Michaela (nice photo, btw). Be sure to spend some time over in the Acting section of the Lounge. Always some great conversations happening and cool content being shared over there.

Fritz-Alain Moise

Welcome to the community Michaela

William E. Spear

Michaela - Welcome to the East Coast and Stage 32. Regards, William

Michaela Drescher

Thank you so much :) The community here is really amazing! :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Couldn't agree more, Michaela!

Joseph E. "Duke" Miller

Welcome, Michaela and Viele Gluck!

Antuan Montreal Lobley

Welcome Michaela! If you can keep that kind of attitude, I'm sure you'll do great.

Aray Brown

Love your attitude and your energy!

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