Introduce Yourself : Passionate Screenwriter by Inky Egwuenu

Inky Egwuenu

Passionate Screenwriter

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I did one of these! My name is Inky. I mostly write features but also write mini-series and limited series for TV. My genre for now is drama and blended drama. Wonderful to meet you all. It'll be cool to connect and collaborate with some of you on here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers.

Amanda Toney

Glad you introduced yourself Inky! I just checked out your profile and loved the logline for

Assassination Cartel. What are you working on these days?

Geoff Hall

Inky Egwuenu Hi Inky, it’s good to see you here in Stage32. What are you working on at the moment? Check out the various tabs for Educational and Script Services. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of help there for your career. All the best, Geoff

Ailana M

Love the name!

Maurice Vaughan

Nice to see you again, Inky Egwuenu. I also blend Drama with other genres. I think I've only written a few pure Drama scripts. When I write pure Drama, I like to add comical characters to balance out the heavy dramatic topics.

Shellie Schmals

Hi Inky - I went to TIFF in 2018 and have the best experience!! How are you involved in the festival?

David P Perlmutter

Hi Inky, great to see you on this amazing platform. I write drama too, with a dash of romance and comedy, but mainly dark, thriller fiction, which my current project is all about. Books and a TV pilot. Best of luck for all your projects.

Maeve ThunderChild

Hi, Inky Egwuenu - great to meet you. Drama is definitely my thing...but ya never know what else is going to get thrown in the mix.

Inky Egwuenu

Hello Shellie Schmals hope you enjoyed your time at Tiff 2018. I find the experience with this festival very thrilling and always come away with a lot of very helpful information.

Inky Egwuenu

Hello @David P Perlmutter, It's really good to see you here too. I find blended so much fun to write. I usually lean toward romance and adventure with a hint of humor myself. :-).

Inky Egwuenu

Hello @Maeve Thunderchild, really good to meet you too. Yep, no one knows "what else is going to get thrown in"... :-D

Vincent Paterno

Hello! My preferred genre is comedy, specifically rom-com features. I'm always on the lookout for potential collaborators.

Inky Egwuenu

It's really good to meet you Vincent. So am I regarding collaborators. Love the poster.

Inky Egwuenu

Hello Maurice Vaughan , nice to see you too. Yes I do the same with my writing. I find it improves many components of the story sometimes in unexpected ways. :-)

Inky Egwuenu

Hello @Ailana M, thank you!

Inky Egwuenu

Hello @ Geoff Hall, Geoff, thanks for the good advise. You are correct, there's so much on this platform, from blog posts to all the services Stage32 provides to writers. I'm currently working on a romance drama mini series pilot.

Inky Egwuenu

Hello @Amanda Toney, you guys are doing great work with this platform! Thanks for visiting my profile. Assassination Cartel was fun to write. :-D. I'm currently working on the pilot of a mini-series.

Rosemond Perdue

Welcome back Inky. Let me know if I can help point you in the direction of any webinars or classes. We have lots of great education on writing for dramas :)

Inky Egwuenu

Thank you Rosemond Perdue . I will let you know. Cheers.

Maurice Vaughan

Inky Egwuenu And adding comical characters to a pure Drama script also keeps the reader from being drained by time the script is over. Same thing with a pure Drama movie. I've seen pure Drama movies that were so heavy with the drama and topics that I was physically and emotionally drained after watching them.

Niki Hayes

Hi Inky Egwuenu! Glad you re- introduced yourself :) Are you a member of the Writers' Room? Definitely check that out if you haven't yet, I think it's right up your alley! Mini-series is my favorite content form to watch right now. Romance drama you mentioned? What kind of tone is it?

James Welday

Inky Egwuenu pleased to meet you. I've written in a variety of genres, such as historical, biopic, gothic horror, animation, a 10-hour miniseries, book adaptation and most recently, I'm working on an Amblin loosely autobiographical horror/sci-fi mystery. Happy to provide feedback or notes on anything you're working on!

Luca Mannea

Hello Inky, nice to meet you! Looking forward to collaborate :)

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