Introduce Yourself : Writer/ Actor by Daniel Canngieter

Writer/ Actor

Hello all! Born in Aruba but lived in Boston all my life. Brand new to world of writing movies, hoping to bring something new to every genre possible. Any and all Advice and help is welcomed! Also slightly interested in the background acting world.

Good luck to everyones future endeavors

Harrison Glaser

Welcome Daniel! So glad to have you part of the Stage 32 community! I'm the Director of Education here at Stage 32. Be sure to take advantage of all of the resources and opportunities here. Keep on contributing to lounge posts and meet new creatives/potential collaborators. And definitely check out the education we have available. There are a lot of incredible webinars that can help you out. Here are a couple that might be of interest:

Best of luck!

Brad Mason

The best advice I can offer is to just watch any and every movie you can.

And I don't just mean all the popular ones and the Oscar ones - I mean, watch every good and bad movie, seeing what works and what doesn't; appreciating every frame and every story beat and every little choice the artists makes, until the craft runs in your blood too.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Dude, background acting is SO fun! You get paid to show up, wait, act, and go home. In between, you get a first-hand look at how a set is run. I highly recommend it! But don't take my word for it - why not reach out on the Acting Lounge and ask for some insights?

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