On Writing : Not sure how to transition from playwriting to screenwriting by Susan M. Decatur

Susan M. Decatur

Not sure how to transition from playwriting to screenwriting

Greetings group from Cincinnati, OH! I am having some success as a local/regional playwright but would like to also work on developing some of my scripts from the stage to the screen. Is there a place for someone like me in this group? Many thanks in advance for your guidance and support. Best, Susan

Aray Brown

Yes, there is defintely a place for you here.

What are your plays about?

Karen "Kay" Ross

You have absolutely come to the right place, Susan! Have you tried the Book to Screen service? https://www.stage32.com/scriptservices/coverage/buy?id=66 It could be a good way to help guide your next steps.

Susan M. Decatur

Thank you for the warm welcome! I have one full length play I've written that would probably qualify as a "chick flick" It's a memoir inspired by the life and times of 2 small town working class teenagers from the seventies to 2001 when their world came crashing down on 9/11. The other full length play I co-wrote with my husband, Doug Decatur, is based on a true story of older men whose basketball playing glory days are reignited when they decide to compete in the Senior Olympics.

David C. Velasco

Welcome Susan. Having turned my first novel into a screenplay, I can tell you it's not to difficult :)

Tabitha Baumander

There are two big changes. With film you need to show what on stage your characters tend to have to talk about. SHOW DON'T TELL it a big rule. When it comes to dialogue CUT CUT CUT think about movies as opposed to plays. They talk a LOT less. Basically the entire balance needs to be changed but it can be done.

A. S. Templeton

Stage plays are akin to contained screenplays. But TB is correct, in that in plays it's all about telling in a few static settings, whereas motion pictures emphasize showing against a dynamic backdrop.

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