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Octavia Griffin

Writing Software

After my last post, I was able to gather alot of good information. Next question. Writing software, which one (or ones) do you recommend? Are they necessary? A family memeber recommended Celtix. What do you guys think about Celtix?

April Sadowski

It's Celtx and I love it. I have it on both my PC and my iPad. I do Script Frenzy so I used it last year and it's great because they now support cloud-based syncing.

Octavia Griffin

Thanks April!

Peter Gerulat

Celtix is a great tool!

Chris Brannick

I have the free Celtx download - it's fine for most purposes.

Glen Kinnaird

Finaldraft is the only choice, it is the industry standard and works great with Scrivner. (Don't know Scrivner? Check it out, It helps you get your thoughts out)

Sidney Crudup II

Celtx is one that I use and I love it. And I try to familiarize myself with the others too. I have Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter, as well as Scrivener.

Robert Leslie Fallin

I just use the Microsoft Template for Word. I did not discover it until I upgraded to Windows 7. It's free and a snap to use.

Chris Brannick

I just had a small problem with Celtx. A competition I entered for asked for the name of the play to be on the footer of every page - not possible in Celtx. I just spent HOURS reformatting into Word.

George Alford

Hey Octavia and others, I use SCRIPTWARE. It's very, very user friendly and half the price as FINAL DRAFT. I didn't care for Final Draft. Scriptware allows to to write in Plays format, Screenplay format and Television format. I believe the price is only $100.00. Go on line and look up Scriptware. Call them and they can easily walk you through how you can download a copy from home after you pay the fee.

Anthony Toohey

Here's the thing - if you are going to a professional, you'll eventually need to get Final Draft. It's industry standard, and it's the format you'll need if you're going to collaborate with other professionals. That said, even though I use Final Draft for that reason, I found Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 a little more user friendly. Their tab/enter system very clean. WGA East used to have MM as their standard, but I think they recently switched to FD too. For non-standards, Fade In is very slick and user friendly. If I wasn't already used to FD9, I might be tempted to use that for awhile.

Octavia Griffin

Thanks for the information

George Alford

You can be professional as well with SCRIPTWARE program. They all do the same thing, which is format your scripts for you. You DON'T need to get FINAL DRAFT. First of all Final Draft is not user friendly like the SCRIPTWARE. And it's cheaper.

Nancy Fulton

It's Celtx . . . (no i). I use it all the time. You can use to write theater plays, screenplays, novels, etc. It handles all the formatting. You can use it to convert between document types. it tracks your notes, lets you upload storyboard images, and will let you break down a script. Its pretty cool and its free . . .

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