Screenwriting : Any advice on doing a good 1 page pitch for a feature? by Ronnie Gallon

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Ronnie Gallon

Any advice on doing a good 1 page pitch for a feature?

Hi all. Does anyone have good advice on how to put together a 1 page pitch for a feature? What Information are they (Production Company) looking for?

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Ronnie...Depending on whether you're coming from a writer or producer standpoint, I would suggest posting this in the appropriate topic under Craft and Business in the Lounge. You'll surely get a better response. You can see all the Lounge descriptions by clicking on the boxes. Good luck.

William Martell

The most important thing is always going to be the concept, but a one pager gives you enough space to tell us about the protagonist, get deeper into the story, and tell us what some of the amazing & exciting & original set pieces are.

Regina Lee

Adding to William's post - also tell us what the tone is. For example, if you read only the synopsis of 30 MINUTES OR LESS, you'd probably think it's a thriller, but it's not. So a tonal comparison is important.

Marvin Willson

Mirroring Regina, get the tone right. If it's a comedy, make it comical, if it's a face-paced action flick, make the synopsis fast-paced. Make it compelling... Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Ronnie Gallon

Cheers guys. Have taken the advice and done a fair bit of other reading. will see what happens now.

Amanda Toney

Hey Ronnie, we've had some great webinars on this exactly topic. I recommend checking them out - you'll learn from the executives themselves what they're looking for in a pitch.

Ronnie Gallon

If I register and pay the 59 dollars, is that just for one webinar?

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