Introduce Yourself : Art, love & money by Patrick Levy

Patrick Levy

Art, love & money

I'm Patrick LEVY, writer-director & producer. I started my film career at the Ecole Florent Director’s Class in Paris.

I produced a number of plays, including « The Scarecrow » by Jerry Schatzberg, « Edmond » by David Mamet and « Acapulco» by Steven Bercoff.

Afterwards, I produced and directed short films, music videos, commercials and two feature films: "COUP DE VICE" (Dirty Tricks) with Samy Naceri & "GAMER" starring Saïd Tagmaoui.

I also co-wrote and co-produced Crystel AMSALEM’s first feature film "When Angels Interfere…" (QUAND LES ANGES S'EN MELENT...) released March 2006 and won the AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR (Alexandre Brasseur) at the PARIS FILM FESTIVAL and nominated in several festivals in New York, Boston, Melbourne, Palm Beach, Washington....

As a director & producer, my third feature film « KINGS OF THE NIGHT », a comedy between the world of stripteases and the movie business, won the award "BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE" at the LOS ANGELES FILM & SCRIPT FESTIVAL 2012.

I'm currently in development on "ART, LOVE & MONEY ", a comedy-drama in the art world with Crystel AMSALEM & other projects.

patrick levy director producer
patrick levy director producer
Patrick LEVY, actor, writer-director & producer of a wide range of films, started his film career at the Ecole Florent Director's Class in Paris, and The Lee Strasberg's Institute in Los Angeles. He p…
Amanda Toney

Bonjour Patrick! What an impressive background you have. Do you find Paris being a huge influence for your projects or do you like to travel to find influences?

Patrick Levy

Bonjour Amanda and thanks for showing up! Travelling is exactly what I have done during these past three years - NY, LA, Berlin, London, Milan... Trying to close the budget on ART, LOVE & MONEY my priority project - Hiring casting director, lawyer, writer in Hollywood and so on - But development money is rare and after spending all of it, I'd look to partner with a new team --- Hope to have the opportunity to talk to you further on this - Best - Patrick

Rosalind Winton

Hi Patrick, lovely to meet you, I would love to visit Paris again, was there when I was about fourteen and I loved it.

Patrick Levy

Of course, Rosalind - come over and I will show you some nice areas --

Chad Stroman

Hi Patrick and Welcome!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Patrick!

Patrick Levy

Hi Chad, Hi Allen - Thank you guys -:)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Do you adapt movies from books?

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome aboard!

Patrick Levy

Dear Ihekuna, I already did actually - See: -

As long as a financier start to seed money to do it -;)

Patrick Levy

Thanks, Richard! Remember when you launched Stage 32--- and now it's becoming more huge each day - Congrats -;)

Richard "RB" Botto

Been quite a ride. Appreciate the good words, my friend.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I thought you finance movies

Patrick Levy

I absolutely can finance movies, not development anymore - Which I did lately and cost me lots of money - so now game is over - Too time-consuming --

Patrick Levy

Hey Richard - Of course, my friend -;)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Can you send me an email to this address (mine): I would like to send you a project of mine, ''The Success Story'' Below is the synopsis

Greg is the best of all students in his department---The department of

Mechanical Engineering at the University of Perth. However, he looks

forward to a time when he ''answer his calling''...a successful

writer. Fortunately, the time comes when his secret aspiration is

ignited...His visit to his friend's place, Harp's residence. Greg's

transition from being a really ''fulfilment-absent'' young man to a

fulfilled author begins to emerge.

Though Greg is faced with discouragement, finding a publisher, he

becomes the success he presently is with the support of his family,

especially his sister, Jane, Head of Department, Dr Tim Yale and

friend, Harp.


Greg makes the journey to being a success. The thick and thin of his

journey is The Success Story

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