Anything Goes : Working with "first timers" by Adrian Pedrin V.

Adrian Pedrin V.

Working with "first timers"

So i have a question for anyone who wants to answer it, i have been in a few commercial shoots, i have directed some commercial shoots and music videos, but i have never directed a feature film, the question is, how many people are willing to work with someone like me, my IMDB only has my editing credits. do you guys/gals take the chance or are you better of working with people who have more experience? or it doesn't matter as long as you get paid?

Cory Wess

You can find people who are willing to work with you, especially if you pay them. However I would recommend you make a short film first. Commercials and music videos are different, though a good base. Plus it will give you one more portfolio piece to show potential candidates that you have more experience.

Adrian Pedrin V.

I have done a few short films but never a feature and boy is there a difference, its a whole other ball game, having a great crew is essential to not stressing out or going crazy!

Sasha Marina

Well I'd be glad to help. Check me out at or

Erin Dooley

My first directing experience was a feature. Hire people who excel in their craft and trust them to do the work they need to do. Fake it til ya make it! :)

Matt Mitchell

Just go for it Adrian! @Erin is right, but you're only 'faking it' if you don't make anything at all ;-)

Stacia Roybal

I have worked as an actress for alot of first time directors and even though sometimes it can take longer I think most actors are willing to work for whoever pays them.

Irene Leonardou

For all there is always the "first time"... Go forward!!!

J. Louis Reid

Do it!

Walker Fleming

the only thing stopping you is yourself dude! Go for it!!!!

Tabitha Baumander

got scripts need producer =+)

Johannes Kern

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." ;-) I have the same feeling (I'm a composer) and booked a scoring session for recording a demoreel with a live orchestra. That's a dream, but also quite a challenge! Do it! Best, Johannes

Parker Reeve

If there is pay I take the job.

John Eric Lovins Producer

Pay me and I'll do it!

Johnny Landolfi

Hey experience has been that clearly you get better people when paying them; in terms of experience, producers want people to have the most or best experience so that they "pick" the right people....nothing worse than picking the wrong person for the job. So they may have very little experience but were on a huge budgeted film and received a lot of experience from that particular project. To answer your question, most production crews wouldn't mind working for you..if its an FF, you will need to battle the producers for control of the hires as they want people who will make the project run seamlessly.

Ruth Du

My best advice is to have a strong support system around you. A fantastic producer who believes in you, a strong very experienced 1st AD who can help you control the elements of a feature film that you are not familiar with, and a cinematographer who you absolutely mesh with creatively. If you surround yourself with good people, your experience will be significantly more positive and they will help you believe in YOU and your project. I've worked with many, many first time directors in production and those who succeed have a great team and a great crew to support them.

Brandon M. Freer

I recently had the opportunity to edit my first full length indie film. The project was a "first time" effort for most of the crew including the director. Aside from directing, our fearless leader wrote the screenplay, starred in and executive produced the film. Taking on that many roles for a first time effort, imho, is not advisable. Though I feel I have good instincts and skills as an editor and director, I would not want to tackle that many positions because you run the risk of being too tied to your own ideas and not able to be objective in the cutting room. A creative issue that I ran up against with our director a few too many times on this project.

Dr. Randall Maxwell

Hey Adrian, My company, Maxima Vision Films which you may check out by going to our site at is always interested in new, young, and fresh talent who prove themselves to be committed to doing whatever it takes to become professional film makers. Check out our site and get back to me if you think we may be a good fit. You may also call me at our production offices at (757) 636-8163

Curtis Kessinger

If the project is right most people would be willing to work with you. Don't sell yourself short. It's mostly about the material. Go for it!

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