Your Stage : My first shot at writing and producing by Lauren Watson

Lauren Watson

My first shot at writing and producing

Michael Shandrick

Especially gripping for married people young and old.

Carol Phiniotis

Hi Lauren. I really enjoyed your short, especially the performances. What did you shoot on?

George Clinton Curry

awesome. great look. ive been actually working on all of my scripts as well. trying to shoot my first film some time next year. i would love to see more of your stuff.

Jay Burton

Good piece.

Michael Shandrick

I had a peek again at Speak. Excellent production values, really true actors. If you're ready for some darkly comic material, let me know.

Lauren Watson

Thank you everyone!! Feel free to inbox me on here for other projects. I'm up for (almost!) anything! :)

Chris Hicks

I liked it a lot. Story was good and well acted. Good job Lauren!

Stuart Lawson

Great story, well shot and edited. Lovely twist and generously timed acting. Good job!

American Motion Picture Institute

Hello Lauren, Your short was straight, to the point and well told. I would open with the camera tilting down, rather than on the static shot of the church at the top before tilting down. Also, curious as to why you went from the wide shots to closeups versus med to CU.... Nonetheless, you are definitely off to a great start! You should be proud of what you've completed!

Tara Vazquez

Nice job Lauren! The storyline is good.

Denise Cruz-Castino

Lauren, you did such a great job! Loved the story and the pacing. Congrats.

Bridget Jeske

I thought it was so great Lauren! I loved the ending!

Lauren Watson

Thank you so much!

Kyle Wilkinson

Not bad......Good job.

Angad Singh

Spruce work!

Stanley Ejingiri

very it

Darren Wiesner

So this was a dream sequence? Good first film. Did you direct it too? I would have had a closer shot on the two guys exiting the church first before using the master shot. Just sayin. Awesome job though. Good luck with your next one!

Denise Treadwell

I'd like to say simply "GOOD FILM"...regardless of what # it is:) I've seen work from seasoned, professionals with a multitude of films under their belt and their stuff couldn't compare to yours. Also, a hundred people would readily tell you a hundred 'different' things 'they' would have done differently; and that's cool! Learn, grow, get better, as we ALL should. But always DO YOU! I enjoyed what I saw...again, good film:)

Chad Mercree

Great film!

Trish Chaney

Well done!!

Jack Kamin


Janet Scott

WOW! Nice twist... indeed. Beautifully filmed... way to go girl.... You are Great!!!

John Shelton

Really great work! Congrats!

Darya Said

Great work, and well done

L.M. Butler

welcome, Kyle

Grant Vetters

Well done. Nicely, subtly done. Simple, effective camera work and great acting. Bravo!

Rick Mclean

yes! Well done and friends of mine in the credits too! Really enjoyed it. :-)

Sharon Garrison

Well done. Really nice work on all fronts. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work!

Sam Higgins

Very touching, especially the music.

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