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Fellow scribes, I know most of you are looking for feedback and analysis of your screenplays. So many people to choose from and you have no idea if it’s a waste of money. I too have faced this dilemma. Last week I happened upon someone who has decided to throw her hat in the ring, Amanda Gusack. Amanda is a writer, producer, and director. About 6 months ago “The Man” showed up out of the blue with layoff slips in hand. Out of the 100 people at my place of employment, 15 of us are left. I had started a thriller story, but after that I just couldn’t keep focus. I forced myself to finish it. Amanda saw right through it. She broke down the story, dialogue, characters, and structure. She gave me detailed notes and suggestions to make everything better. Such as my opening scene, character flaws, breaking down the plot, things I should consider. She told me what worked and what didn’t to maintain the proper tone of the story. One thing that has always bothered me with some readers is they mention a problem in the story and you have to scour every page to find it. Not with Amanda, she puts notes right on the pdf. With her background, she was able to say if this story was marketable, or a waste of time. I highly recommend her. You can find her here:

William Martell

Just a note: I know Amanda, and have at least one of her movies on my DVD shelf!

Act Breakdown

Hey All, I signed up to these boards to profusely thank Wayne Taylor and William Martell for their extremely kind words. I've started a free Writer Resource Blog on my notes-services site. My hope is to supplement general screenwriting knowledge with additional suggestions to help elevate work. My first post is up: 6 CRUCIAL ELEMENTS TO PUT ON PAGE 1. Please don't hesitate to chime in with questions or requests on upcoming subject matter. I hope you find these posts helpful and I wish you the best with your current projects. (And thank you again Wayne and William!) Kind Regards, Amanda

Linda Hullinger

Thanks for posting your article, Amanda. Very helpful and specific. :-)

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You're welcome, Linda. Glad to hear you found it helpful! :)

Roxanne Paukner

Amanda, your site link is no longer working. :(

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Thank you, Roxanne. I checked the link just now, and it seems to be working on my devices. Please let me know if you still have trouble viewing. :)

Linda Hullinger

I really did, Amanda. I used it for polishing my first page today and it gave me a new take on it. Which was extremely helpful, because I knew it was missing something, and your analogy of directing the road trip was perfect. :-)

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That's fantastic, Linda! Thanks so much for your feedback and congrats on your page-1 polish! It's just one of my favorite places to revisit/elevate. :) For anyone interested in structure, I uploaded a new post: RIDING THE 8-HORNED STRUCTURE BULL (PART 1) Hope you enjoy!

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Hi Everyone, I just uploaded a new post on structure: RIDING THE 8-HORNED STRUCTURE BULL (PART II). Enjoy it here: As always, don't hesitate to post comments or questions! Best, Amanda

Roma Jones

Just read your post. Very insightful. I will definitely save your site to my favorites.

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Thank you so much, Roma. I really appreciate that!

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Hi A.S., Meaning: The "pillars", i.e., the major plot-points (act i, midpoint, 2nd act break) are the support braces/support beams that bolster the plot's foundation (i.e: hold it up.) Hope that answers your question!

Erik Grossman

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that we too offer feedback services from execs ;)

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A.S.: Fair enough. Thanks for noticing. Erik, I'm sure your services are fantastic! :)

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Hi All! For the month of December, I'm offering a free Skype call (up to one hour) to answer questions following a full-script analysis. If you're interested, PM me -- or go to for more info on my services. (Note: Free Skype call is for a full-script reads only. ) Happy December! Amanda

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Amanda --- good to keep in mind. I often get asked for recommendations ......

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Thank you LindaAnn. I appreciate you keeping me in mind!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Very pleased to meet new friends!

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Likewise, LindaAnn! :D

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Hi Everyone,

I have a few sessions open in November and I would love to offer Stage 32 members a discounted feature read of $250. This includes a several-page-script-analysis and PDF page notes in your script margins.

The full details on this service are at

I also include a free 1/2 hour Skype session to discuss any follow-up questions you might have on your script notes.

Happy Writing and Happy Halloween!

Amanda :)

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Hi Stage 32 Writers,

Happy 2019!

I want to let you know about my on-demand course: HOLLYWOOD SCREENWRITING – FROM CONCEPT TO DRAFT – HOW TO WRITE A KILLER SCRIPT

A little about my background: A sold/produced screenwriter/director with a decade in the WGAw, I also offer script analysis on my website

I've combined the best advice I've received from agents, managers, and execs - with the most frequent writing traps I've observed in screenplays of all levels - to design the most efficient and effective course for fellow writers.

The content can be used again and again with each new spec, to help you write your best first draft from the point of concept.

Included are 53 videos, 8 handouts, 10 assignments, and a 30-day-satisfaction guarantee.

Thanks so much for taking a look. I wish you all a wonderful year full of joy and masterpieces!

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