On Writing : I have (2) copyrighted screenplays that I would like to explore making them into stage plays. by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I have (2) copyrighted screenplays that I would like to explore making them into stage plays.

First of all I should say that my primary goal is to get them made into films. However, Since I live in New York City, there are many small venues such as Off Broadway and showcase venues I might be able to take advantage of. I also realize there is a BIG difference between screenplay structure and stage play structure. But the reason I am looking into this option is a lower entry cost. And my goal is to get my worked performed. I set up this thread six months ago but unfortunately it was hijacked by two authors who wanted to talk about each others books. So I am here again asking for suggestions. Any links to articles or if you know a Stage Director that can offer some advice. The (2) screenplays are: HOPE SAVES MANHATTAN a 106 minute comedy feature based on a true front page story in THE NEW YORK TIMES. And MOSES,COLUMBUS, THE MOON, & MARS. A 20 minute comedy short on the history of exploration past, present & future. Thank you very much.

Al Hibbert

How have you been Steven?

Kyle Climans

If I hear about some source, I'll pass it on to you. In any case I hope this works out for you!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Thank you Kyle. Lousy Al. You don't want to know!

Matthew J. Kaplan

Hi Steven. Perhaps you can read stage and screenplays of the same production, compare the differences in structure, and go from there. I think this is a great - there are countless venues, festivals, actors and theater-goers in NYC. And with that, if you ever need actors for read-throughs as you go from screen to stage, please be in touch. All the best! Matt

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Matthew- Great suggestion. I will take yuir advice!!

Christopher Weddle

The Playwright's Guidebook by Stuart Spencer.

John David Higham

I can't offer you any specific sources or ideas regarding doing this, though years ago I revised one of my screenplays so that it was basically a filmed play (one camera shoot) that took place in one setting (think OUR TOWN minimalism). I revised it strictly as a screenplay and while I would not recommend that you do the same, perhaps contemplating your works as if you were going to film it as a play would be a step toward converting it to that medium. In any event, good luck on your endeavor.

Daniel Damiano

Hi, Steven – For starters, you definitely want to establish your current screenplays as plays, which, as I’m sure you realize, will likely involve some serious streamlining of exterior scenes and/or consolidation or even reinvention of scenes. I would highly recommend “The Elements of Playwriting” by Louis Catron, which covers formatting, as well as every other facet of Playwriting. Once you feel you’re in a good place with the play/plays that you've adapted, I would encourage you to have a staged reading first before plunging into production, to get a better assessment of what works and what doesn’t, and allow constructive feedback. Hope this helps!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Steven. I'd look for produced plays which I liked and then e-mail the producers and directors of such plays about sending them a brief pitch of your work. A log line and a synopsis. See if you get any interest.

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