Screenwriting : Offering (free) screenplay coverage/Feedback by Alicia Sekhri

Alicia Sekhri

Offering (free) screenplay coverage/Feedback

Hey folks,

I need to read more screenplays so thought I'd combine it with something useful.

If you're looking for feedback on your story, logline, or in need of screenplay coverage, please comment on this post with your logline and link to the project. I can't provide coverage for everyone but I'll do my best to review at least 5 screenplays.

Looking forward to reading your work!


Barry John Terblanche

So kind of you... may I be first in line - I've linked you to my profile, accept the invitation and well chat. Or, Likewise, I'll do the same for you on your script.

Robert DeVerger

this sounds great, I would love some feedback on my current project. Connect with me and I will send it over.

David Santo

Alicia, you rock!

Jill A. Hargrave

Thanks, Alicia, for this incredible offer. Love to get your feedback on my screenplay, "The Bottom Line." Here's the logline: When a narcissistic billionaire acquires a Network in 1988 and threatens to bust the news team’s union unless they produce “infotainment” over fact-based news, the News Anchor, who wants to rekindle a romance with his producer, suddenly finds himself fighting to save her job and his news team’s journalistic integrity.

I haven't posted the screenplay on Stage 32, but if you are interested, I can send you the PDF by e-mail.

Lyter Daniel

Thanks ... feel free to read my first 17 pages ... under Lucere

Thomas Shaner

I will send you my short script.

Alicia Sekhri

David Santo I will review your screenplay and message you asap :). Everyone else please send me your screenplays at - thanks!

Evelyne Gauthier

Hey Alicia. Maybe I would be due for some feedback. I'll probably ask for a logline review from Stage32, but right now, I'm struggling with my synopsis. Feedback on my logline and my synopsis would be nice, if that's possible for you. Can I send it to your email? Thanks! :)

Alicia Sekhri

Of course, feel free!

Meg Stone

Alicia Sekhri that is incredibly generous of you! I'm not sure I would make the same offer. What happens if you get something you don't like?

Anyway, I was just reading posts of another stage 32 member @CJ Walley and read this quote from his website "...I started the free script hosting website Script Revolution..." Call me 'knocked for six' if you want to read scripts this is the place.

Surina Nel

I would love if you could do mine to. I'll send it to you via e-mail. MY e'-mail is It's a lovely story, for animation, about a pony and his boy.

Wally Wu

Where do I sign-up?

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