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Jared Kasanofsky


Is there any good Screenwriting podcasts I can listen?

Jared Kasanofsky


Mike Leins

I always liked I havent gone through all the podcasts, but the ones I've heard have been good. I think these guys eventually became showrunners on a Syfy show, too.

Richard "RB" Botto - Fantastic.

Ashley Scott Meyers

Richard thanks for the plug. The specific URL for the podcast is: But also check out Script Notes by John August. It's here: - That's really the only one I listen to regularly. It's not heaped full of screenwriting tips and tricks, but it is entertaining and sometimes informative. I'd be curious to hear what others are listening to, as well.

Marty Wolff

The Scriptnotes Podcast is a more "fun" podcast and it has the 3-page-contest where listeners can submit the 3 first pages of their script for John & Craig to critique. Selling Your Screenplay is also a really good one, especially for beginners. The Q &A with Jeff Goldsmith is great if you want to learn more from the masters itself - he does interviews with some of the best directors/writers that are out there right now.

Jared Kasanofsky

It looks like I am going to be busy.

Richard "RB" Botto

Clean those pods.

Jason A. Wallace

on the page

Jazmen Darnell Brown

The Screenwriters Rant Room has been pretty enlightening.

Jazmen Darnell Brown

Also the others everyone mentioned. On the Page, Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Nerdist Writers Panels, Scriptnotes, Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood, and Selling Your Screenplay!

Jazmen Darnell Brown

There's also good podcasts just to learn about the industry like KCRW The Business, KCRW The Spin-off, KCRW The Treatment, and Jen Grisanti Consulting.

Felipe Grossi Togni

If you like reading, keep an eye on Balls of Steel

Jazmen Darnell Brown

The Children of Tendu for TV Writers.

Taylor Albertson

Screen Craft and Blue Cat have podcasts. Start there.

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