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Sari Eliza

Printing Script

I'm thinking about printing the l-o-n-g screenplay for my trusted ones to read without any bright screens. How do I print it all out? Printing both sides is paper-efficient, but is it permissible?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Just print on both sides ... saves paper and that's they way we did it at the studios.

John Kevin Bell

I found 18 buck at staples does it and they will 3 hole punch it for a binder.

Stephen Floyd

You’ll be better off purchasing coverage here on Stage32. It may be more expensive, but you’ll get specific feedback from someone in the industry rather than expending the time, effort and money at a print shop to receive feedback from people who don’t care to hurt your feelings and probably don’t know how to tell a story.

Dan MaxXx

What does printing scripts have to do with selling coverage services?

Anthony Moore

Get a really good printer. I buy pre-punched 3-hole paper by the ream, heavy card stock for the covers (have a 3-hole puncher), brass fasteners and washers to bind them, and make sure I've got plenty of ink. I print on one side and bind the copies myself when finished. The screenwriting software has already taken care of the margins.

I look for sales from Amazon to Zappos, and stock up on everything when stuff goes on Clearance!. So I never run out. Never pay full price! Not sure how much it compares to the cost of Staples or OfficeMax doing it for me but I get a pure satisfaction at holding my own well bound script in my hands.

Being able to produce 2-3 copies at home makes it easier to get them to my readers who want a hard copy instead of an email. Also makes it super easy to edit when I can scribble on the pages. To save money I only print the first draft (the mark up copy) and the last draft, even if I have several versions in between. Friends get the mark up copy, pros get the final draft.

Beth Fox Heisinger

One side. ;)

Nelson Christian Amador

I don't know I have printed out my scripts before and yeah it takes a long time and it will cost you a lot of ink in the process, Unless you have a really strong computer. But if you can, more power to you.

Dan Guardino

I always did one side but I can't ever remember the last time I sent out a hard copy.

Sam Borowski

Definitely keep it one-sided. ;) Break Legs! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!

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