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Amit Samuel

Producer looking for screenplays to shop

Hi everyone!

Hopefully, this is the correct place for this request.

I’m looking for screenplays to shop.

Any genre. Film or Tv. Any budget.

You must own all the rights to your screenplay.

Just respond with your logline here.

I’ll contact you if I’m interested.


Gregg McBride

PATCH (Thriller)

After relocating to a small southern town, an African-American family discovers they’re the town’s sole black residents – and that there’s a very sinister reason behind the lack of diversity.

Aray Brown

All Saints (Drama/Thriller

Logline for the series: A young woman raised in an ancient deadly cult must escape her fate of becoming its next assassin and discover her destiny to save the world before it's too late.

Still working on the logline for the pilot

Paul Mbigua


religion & crime thriller


A Military chaplain finds himself in the center of vigilante activities in a kleptocracy city as he dares to uncover the murder of his Bishop struggling to be true to his faith.

Ken Floyd

GODS AND GUNS (drama feature) - Top 3 Finalist 2020 Final Draft Big Break

Inspired by real events:

Logline: A strong-willed teenage girl abducted by vicious Nigerian extremists struggles to protect her sister and escape while grappling with questions of faith and confronting the ghosts of her past.

Gary Floyd

OUR FATED END: A re-imagining of Greek mythology as a modern crime thriller where made man Apollo seeks revenge against his kingpin father Zeus for the murder of Apollo's eager-yet-incompetent son after a botched crime spree.

J.B. Bettiol

ROSE AVENUE (pilot; hour-long, action crime drama, based on true events)

Logline: after the return of a former member, a house of small-town drug-dealers posing as upstanding, blue-collar ctizens begin to struggle with the consequences of their illegal operation, fending off rival dealers, law enforcement, and drug kingpins.

Written along the lines of shows such as "Sons of Anarchy" and "Animal Kingdom"

Philip Sedgwick

An Undocumented Rumor - (Action-Adventure, Drama, R) A journalist for an US-based Arabian TV network heads to the Arizona border to sleuth out a rumor regarding a terrorist attack formulating in Mexico. When the rumor proves true, the reporter enlists a most unlikely team to intercept the attack and take on the even more unlikely forces behind the operation.

Winner, Best Original Screenplay, Burbank Film Festival, 2016.

Winner, Best Feature Screenplay, San Antonio Film Festival, 2019.

The Ghost's Writers' Workshop - (Drama, Ghost Story, R) The ghost of a screenwriter murdered in a historic Arizona hotel resurrects hope for the afterlife when a group of wannabe screenwriters arrive for a screenwriting workshop coinciding with Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Cactus Junction - (Drama, Western, R) When a young African-American woman skilled in dowsing arrives in the Arizona west, she enlists the assistance of a local madam, inept lawmen and a preacher’s conflicted wife to take on corporate mining interests to protect the town’s precious water supply from contamination.

David DeHaas

check me for loglines (:

Julia Petrisor

Temperance - horror thriller -- Sent to the desert to ghostwrite the memoir of an eccentric old recluse, a young writer with obsessive-compulsive disorder must confront her own past while being faced with a terrifying invitation.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Amit. Script requests or calls for material submission are best placed on the Jobs board found in the upper menu bar. The Lounge craft and business forums are for topic discussion. ;) Best to you, and good luck with your search!

Wal Friman

A mummy's boy must figure out that he was brought up to commit evil or the death threat in his mother’s suicide note will be executed by her ghost.

Ken Frank

BILLTOWN: Family/Sports Feature

After his mother’s death leads him and his father to move from New York City to Williamsport, PA, a boy finds himself in the middle of an unlikely championship run that brings the host city's team to the finals of the Little League World Series.

Steven M. Cross

A closeted lesbian art teacher, mentors a brilliant art student with multiple personality disorder, with one personality that could destroy both of them unless the teacher can figure out how to reach her.

Amit Samuel

Apologies Beth! I’ll repost to the correct forum. Thanks.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Writers:Jerel Damon & Rutger Oosterhoff

The Final Solution

"After an SS officer's family is accidentally sent to Treblinka, he must save them before the commandant dismantles the camp and kills all inmates."

Kiril Maksimoski

What's the deal here? Upfront fee or commissioned percentage per sale?

Sara Hathaway

The Changing Earth Erika Moore, a young wife and mother, finds herself stranded from her family as climate change rapidly advances. The Great Quake tests Erika's resolve to return home as society deteriorates and her life is put in peril. As her existence becomes a thrilling story of survival, she must decide if upholding her moral code is worth sacrificing her family.

Amit Samuel

Hi Kiril. No legitimate producer charges an up-front fee. A producer shops the project for a limited time and becomes attached if the project is set up.

Dan MaxXx

Script hunting would be easier if you just call managers and agents. Or are we pursuing $1 screenplay options?

Claude Gagne

Check my loglines on my profile page. If any producer is into horse racing, There's one there titled, The Bug Boy. Check it out. It has comedy moments.

Rutger Oosterhoff

When a former Homeland security agent learns of a planned terrorist attack on the US president-elect, he must stop the suicide-bomber -- his estranged daughter.

Richard Buzzell

YOUR AMERICAN COUSIN - Rom-Com - A spoiled Indian-American young man gets sent to visit his cousin in India and falls in love with a woman he meets there.

Richard Buzzell

ANY WAY IN - Sitcom - Two young women struggle to make it in the world of new media, with some help from "ZAN" the IG hustler from Season 1 Episode 4 of "ATLANTA". Pitch this to Donald Glover and watch It take off.

Richard Buzzell

WASHED UP - Dark Comedy - An ageing filmmaker, once at the pinnacle of the business but now fallen on hard times, and desperate to finance a comeback project, secures funding from a crypto-cash billionaire, with the condition that the billionaire’s son be the co-director of the film. - Great fit for Tom Hanks as both actor and producer.

Luciano Mello

The insecure Stella has the chance to become a fashion model and prove to her mother she is worthy, but what she didn't expect was to find in the backstage of her dream a disturbing reality

John Ellis

Winner Takes Dad, a comedy - Two rival high school football players discover they have the same dad and he’s married to both their moms. They decide that the winner of the big game keeps dad for himself, and wacky sabotage ensues.

Richard Buzzell

John - Just curious, does the script evolve into a "loser gets stuck with Dad" situation?

Amit Samuel

Hey everyone! I appreciate you sharing your loglines with me.

After reading them, I highly suggest checking out Chris Lockhart’s Stage32 webinar. Besides being the WME story editor, he’s a wonderful teacher and all around nice guy.

Writing a strong, simple, and clear logline is an essential skill. I’ve learned a lot from Chris, and I’m sure you will too.

John Ellis

Richard, yes, in a way - then the moms find out and everybody wins. Except Dad. :)

Vyacheslav Vladimirsky

Good Afternoon,

It takes a partner to create a movie franchise.

An animated presentation of the film is here:

Vyacheslav Vladimirsky

"Project Zone" is a new fantastic blockbuster that reveals the veil of secrets of an unknown weapon that alters reality.

Part of the synopsis:

"The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the most dangerous and mysterious place on Earth. A place where incomprehensible and dangerous phenomena occur in the form of physical anomalies and psy-radiation.

This area is inhabited by monsters and mutants, the law of survival reigns there, and it is easy for a person to die or turn into a zombie, devoid of reason and consciousness. "

Vyacheslav Vladimirsky

An animated film has been created for the presentation of the project, which you can see only by the closed link.

If you are interested in starting a business on this project, I will be glad to cooperate.

Steven M. Cross

Three outcast tweeners must discover Magic's dark history to stop a vengeful witch from kidnapping their friend.

Julian Martin

A vaudevillian trio of cosmic Ancients takes over America in a manhunt for a dark god on the loose who gets VERY angry when he's not drinking.

Richard Buzzell

John - I see I liked "Winner Takes Dad" 3 years ago, and I still like it now. That suggests to me that there's real potential in the concept.

Kai Omri


Animated web series

Two teens from south london dream about being rich and famous! Mad plots and crazy schemes will literally take them to the moon!

Erin Dooley

Forced (Feature - Drama/Thriller) (inspired by historical event) - A retired doctor is stalked by a new resident at a retirement community. When her adult daughters are kidnapped, her own past comes to light.

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