Screenwriting : What's the One Screenplay You've Read That Left You in Awe? by Blair W. Milbourne

Blair W. Milbourne

What's the One Screenplay You've Read That Left You in Awe?

I recently re-read Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" and ho-ly shmokes! It hit me even harder the second time around.

Michael David

That's the hallmark of true art!

Maurice Vaughan

"The King's Speech"

Michael David

Maurice Vaughan Have you watched it yet????

B A Mason

The three scripts I'd recommend anybody read to learn screenwriting:

Dan o'Bannon's Alien for its brilliantly-beautiful minimalist style, William Greaves Symbiopsychotaxiplasm for basically inventing meta on film, and Edgar Wright's Baby Driver for nailing the page-to-screen rule.

Kiril Maksimoski

Far from awed, but situationwise I'd say "Buried" left an impression ...characterwise, Mann's "Heat"'ve guessed it!

Dan MaxXx

The Matrix

Ewan Dunbar

Back to the Future. Its a standout masterclass in set-up and payoff in a script. The Die Hard script is also an amazing read.

Maurice Vaughan

Lowers head. Not yet, Michael David.

Dan MaxXx

Die Hard- does anyone have the draft by Jed Stuart? I could never find that version.

Tom Batha

"Bone Tomahawk". Or "The Brigands of Rattleborge". I can't decide....

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