Screenwriting : When you first started screenwriting... what genre did you start with? by Becca-Chris M

Becca-Chris M

When you first started screenwriting... what genre did you start with?

Scripts or years later, what genre did you fall in love with?

Ally Shina

Unfortunately, I took the saying "Write what you know" too literally, then I started writing about my own life and personal experiences. But then I had to take creative license to make the stories more interesting or to create story arcs, as a result, all my first attempts seemed like I was lying about my life.

Craig D Griffiths

Comedy. I was writing with my brother. I am more of a drama guy. Trying to build my thriller chops.

Kevin Isaacson

Comedy. It is definitely the toughest genre to write and although I haven't abandoned it completely, my latest scripts have veered towards action and drama.

Kyle Climans

I first started with historical noir, supernatural thriller, and sci-fi. I've never wanted to write just one genre.

Becca-Chris M

I started with comedy too. Now I'm enjoying fantasy quite a bit. Slowly putting together an outline for my next fantasy script. - Chris

Dan Guardino

I started out writing crime stories which nobody was making at the time so I switched to thrillers, sci-fie, action adventure and some other genres I can't even remember now.

Anthony Cawood

I started with action/adventure, then horror... I flit between the two and occasionally venture into thrillers.

Izzibella Beau

I started out in drama, still there. I've done drama with supernatural and thriller mixed in also.

Lisa Clemens

I got started because a stuntman/action director friend challenged me to do it and so I thought, for sure we'd be writing action movies but he wanted to make a drama. Then when he introduced me to another stuntman turned director who wanted to hire me to write, once again I was surprised that it would not be an action film. It was a horror! I have written a few thrillers for/with them as well.

Dan Guardino

Lisa. Good for you. Action Directors tend to work on a lot of different projects so they are good connections to have especially if they are in or want to get into directing.

Jorge J Prieto

Drama then one horror, back to drama. Drama is my voice, my forte and what I'm sticking to.

Sumit Sengupta

A paranormal thriller. I thought it would be the best script ever written :) :)

C Harris Lynn

Actually, the first screenplay I ever wrote was a rom-com. (True story.) :D

Antonio Ingram

For me, it was drama and romance. That was always my favorite genre. I also equally loved romance. So my first two scripts consisted of one drama and one romance. I've come a long way, one of those scripts was 235 pages, lol. Thanks for sharing, Becca.

Philip Sedgwick

My first was a comedy. Then, drama, where I stayed for quite a while.

Chad Stroman


Dan Guardino

Chad. Adaptations are not a genre but I like writing them too and there are some advantages if the book got some good reviews.

Chad Stroman

Dan Guardino You're absolutely right. I was being facetious but not obviously so unfortunately. As for my first screenplays they have been a mix of sci-fi, historical non-fiction, etc.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

My first script was a crime drama pilot. I know not what I will do next; but I'd sure as hell would like to sell something soon.

Ester Lopez

My first script was an adaptation to my book, a sci-fi adventure romance. I like that genre and I'm still working in it.

Serafin Soto

Family crime drama

Raymond J. Negron

I'm in love with comedy and animation.

Anthony Moore

Fantasy/Romance between a girl and a demon. Now I write sci-fi. I love it and I've done well in a few contests. Hope to write the next breakout "Star Wars"-type film.

Benjamin Wray

Rural Psychological Thriller but now have written a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi series. Technology has really opened up the possibilities of what you can create.

Jody Ellis

first script was a drama. Still mainly stick to drama and dramedy. I do have one straight comedy and a couple thrillers. Most are female centric, my expertise is in writing strong women.

David Downes


Raymond J. Negron

I love comedy, dark comedy, and animation. If it's done right, it's amazing. We don't laugh enough as human beings and most people are lost in the bad news world. Stop readin the paper, the new, and stay away from negative people. They all SUCK the energy away from your creativity. Keep writings M.F's. We got this!

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