Stage 32 Meetups : Any Washington D.C. Meet ups??? by Troy Richards

Troy Richards

Any Washington D.C. Meet ups???

Looking to meet and network with Actors and Actresses in the DMV area, but I willing to network anyone.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Troy - we can help you spread the word on a meetup. If you pick a tentative date/time/place, we can send an email out the the DC area for you to get people on the thread to RSVP :)

David DuBois Tucker

What's up Troy. I've been looking for a DC meetup for a while now. I just moved to DMV in March '14 after living in California doing films. I work a graveyard shift doing construction work but if you hold a meetup on Friday nights or on the weekend I can definitely attend.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi Troy and David - I just sent out an email to the Washington DC area to get more people aware of the thread. Hope it happens!

Peter Holdway

Hi Troy and everyone, count me in on any meet ups. It'll be good to meet colleagues!

Harlan Roberts

A weekend afternoon would work for me 'cause I am a workdog Mon-Fri. Woof!

Mary Ellen Gavin

Hi -- I'm in No VA and have been trying to do this also in my neck of the woods--people here will only meet up in their area due to traffic etc. Keep me in the loop for what you plan or you're both welcome to come visit me in Ashburn sometime. Mary Ellen/MEg

Tia Cherie Polite

I just received Julie's email about this. Although I'm more on the writing,directing and producing side than acting I would still love to meet and network.

Tommy Griffiths

Sounds like a plan. Just need the when and where!

Kathleen Wentworth

As a Stage 32 screenwriter, I would be glad to network. Do you have any thoughts on time, date, or place?

Ron Newcomb

FYI, just as a secondary option, we also host events in the DMV area:

Ilona Dulaski

I would love to meet as well. I am an actress/singer/voiceover/bilingual artist in the Baltimore/Washington area. Would love to meet and network. ILONA DULASKI

Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

As a screenwriter, director, producer I am really always excited about meeting and networking with other in the industry. Weekends or Friday evenings are a great time for me.

Charles Minor

I am also very interested in meeting up with other people in the area, please keep me posted when you may have a possible date for the event.

Irina Lanceray

Yes, I would like to meet with professional movie and theatre directors and producers. Downtown of DC would not work for me. I do not know parking places there and traffic is usually very bad.

Nicholas Klank

I'm interested too. Weekends or evenings are best.

Todd Folts

Im game for a meet up ...

David Joyner

I'm interested . Weekends for me are also best.

David Norman North

Weekends make it happen

Mary (Debra Hester)-Clifton

Apologies for missing this. A regular, monthly meet up would be great

Bert L . Morgan

I have been looking forward to a DC get together for some time, count me in.

Eric Douglas Brown

Dogfish Head Brewpub in Fairfax, VA has a private room that could be reserved for free. Plenty of other places do too though. Would prefer to stay out of downtown DC and do something in Northern VA... Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Ashburn, etc. Weeknights best (Wednesdays?), though could do weekends with notice. Kudos for getting the thread going...

Jessica Ristau

I agree with Eric.. would kids be invited or is this an adult thing?

Lenny Levy

This sounds good. But I live in Gaithersburg, MD and would prefer DC or somewhere on this side of the Potomac.

David Steele

I'm interested in a meetup in the area. Would very much like to meet people in the business. Looking forward to hearing more.

Patrick Opitz

Sounds good, if in Metro DC Maryland I'm in for weekdays, otherwise I will check back when I can get closer in.

Antonio Villaronga

I'm in too, just say when/where

Jeffrey Bowie Jr.

Interested in meet up as well.

Debbi Mack

I'm interested, especially if it's near the Metro.

Heather Callahan-Stevens

I'm definitely interested.

Melanie McDonald

A Stage 32 meetup sounds great, Troy - agree it'd be most convenient to pick a spot near a Metro stop, but otherwise, I'm flexible!

Ron Newcomb

DMV Filmmaking Networking event: Will I be seeing you tonight? I know there are some producers actively looking for cast & crew!

Kathleen Wentworth

Will be skyping with an assorted group of Writers this PM, but please inform me of the next meet-up!

Ron Newcomb

Not my event, but I'm on 2 of the panels. WIFV is big in our area!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi everyone - make sure to check out the Stage 32 meetup in DC next week:

Alonzo Crawford

I am very interested. Please, let me know about the meet-up. I will be casting soon for a film in the spring:,

Todd Folts

Wish I could make it... however I am looking for a couple of folks who would be interested in doing a read through of my MFA thesis film script. 7:30-8:30 in Rockville... any takers?

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