Success Stories: JAN'30 First Script Pitch a Success!

Tina Field Howe

First Script Pitch a Success!

The first pitch of my new sci-fi script to Allison Doyle of Project D Media has resulted in her requesting it. She was very personable and talking with her was a blast. This was also the first time I've pitched over Skype and it was way cool. Beforehand I worked on pitch prep with Brandon and he was very helpful in showing me the process and how to present myself. Thank you Brandon and Stage 32!

CJ Walley

Congrats Tina! That's amazing for your first Skype pitch. Kudos to Brandon for his help.

Tina Field Howe

Thanks, CJ. It was really fun and I was very relaxed. Maybe the 10-minute time pressure didn't allow enough time to be nervous!

Heather Murdoch

Congratulations Tina! Thank you for posting the feedback for us all to read its great to hear the process working so well for you. Gives me confidence to give it a try one day.

Tina Field Howe

Go for it, Heather! There are more pitches tomorrow and I just might pitch again.

Laddie Ervin

Congratulations, Tina! Keep writing. Keep pitching. The world needs great movies, entertaining movies, movies with vision and a point of view. I look forward to seeing your produced work some day soon.

Tina Field Howe

Thanks, Laddie. I will definitely keep it going. Best to you, too!

Tina Field Howe

Have you live-pitched, Kathryn? It's the best way to pitch IMHO.

Tina Field Howe

I've done a pitchfest (it was so noisy in the room I could not hear myself!) and tons of written. By far the 8 min. Skype pitch was the best and I think I've found my pitch medium.

Tina Field Howe

Yes, you can't beat this process!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Tina, great start! Good on you for doing a Skype pitch!

Mark LaFever

Congratulations Tina & thanks for connecting!

Tina Field Howe

Back at ya, Mark!

Lina Jones

Congrats Tina!

Tina Field Howe


David Levy

Congrats Tina! Always great to hear of success through Skype pitching! Been trying to get it right myself so congrats on the success!

Mike Romoth

Thanks for the inspiration.

Tina Field Howe

You'll get there, David!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations again Tina. First time out... fantastic news.

Alan Wood

Way to go! Congrats!!!!

Michael J Smyth

Well done Tina, all these pitch successes is great news !

CK Steefel

Go TIna! Did Brandon offer help ahead of time? Was this a pitch class? All the best!

Tina Field Howe

Hi CK, yes, I purchased the Pitch Prep which was a big help. Brandon gave me some tips based on the pitch I had prepared ahead of time and also pointed out my strengths. Very helpful 30 minutes and definitely worth $50!

Jisen John Ho


Nancy Frazen

Wow Tina. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing the news and the process. Would you say how you knew your script was ready to pitch? Congratulations!!!

Tina Field Howe

Thanks, Nancy. I wrote this script after taking the Screenwriting U ProSeries program then rewrote it in their Master program. I also received a lot of pro feedback and did rewrites until I thought it was the best it could be. NO script is ever perfect and at some point you have to get them out there. I haven't begun to enter it in contests yet but that time is coming. I continue to take classes because I always learn something new from different teachers.

Diane Kryzaniak

Tina, Congrats!!! It is so wonderful to see all of your hard work come to light, I know the feeling!

Gail A. Randall

Congratulations! I've taken the Screenwriting U ProSeries program. I'm thrilled to hear of your success!

Nancy Frazen

Thanks for taking the time to answer! I took the screenwriting U Pro series but not the master class. Still rewriting right now but hopefully will have it ready for the next step. Thanks for the encouragement and kudos to you!!!!

Tina Field Howe

Hi fellow PSr's! It's good to meet you!

Mitch Darnell

Just means YOU'VE got talent & GREAT things ahead, Tina!!

Diane Kryzaniak

Good to meet you to, and I wish you all the success in the world.

Tina Field Howe

Thanks, Mitch, let's hope so. Best of luck to you too!

Basil F. Quill

Heartfelt congratulations, Tina! Hope we'll see your film before long! Best of luck!

Cheris Mooney

That's awesome! Best of luck!

Basil F. Quill

Heartfelt congrats! And very best of luck!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hey Tina.... HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU. Great to see you over here as well. xo

Monalisha Gantayat

Incredible. Congo sweets, shine bright. Best wishes.

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