Success Stories: JUL'9 Thanks again Stage32 + Louisville Comicon too. Officially Davey Double-whammy Day.

Thanks again Stage32 + Louisville Comicon too. Officially Davey Double-whammy Day.

I recieved two emails a short time apart today; One was to tell me that my script 'High Point' has made the semi-finals of the Stage32 Writers 'Feature Contest' and the other to say my 3 min short 'The Albion Falls' (a test shoot for a feature length project) has been selected for the Sci-Fi Saturday screening at the Fantasmagorical Film Fest as part of Comicon in Louisville, Kentucky (I'm in England so that's quite a far reach. Stage32 has been such an important part of my development as a writer/director over the last couple of years. I have gone from feeling quite isolated and (dare I say it) lonely in those quiet moments between jobs, to feeling like I'm part of a global film-making community. Not only has Stage32 proven to be a great daily source of inspiration and encouragement, it is also an important psychological safety-net. Like the Four Tops said "Reach out, and I'll be there." because one positive message from a peer, anywhere in the world, can make all the difference. As for Fantasmagorical I am absolutely stoked. Unless a mysterious benefactor arrives with a festival fund I probably won't be able to make it across the pond to enjoy my short on the big screen but if there's any Stage 32'ers in the Louisville area then get in touch and I'll send you all the info for the screening. Keep up the good work folks. I hope my day can inspire you a little like you all inspire me a lot. Shane.

Amanda Toney

This is so incredible Shane!! We're wishing you the best!

Phil Parker

Congrats on both fronts, Shane!

Eric Westlake

Congrats, Shane!

Shane Davey

Thanks guys. Appreciated.

Robert Vink

Continued success, Shane.

Charles A Skibo

Congrats Shane. I am in Louisville so I will be attending FandomFest (Comicon is an unrelated event). I hope to catch your screening.

Shane Davey

Thanks for your message Charles. I hope you can make FandomFest as it would be great for my little film to have some support from the Stage32 family when it screens. Shout and scream as loud as you can (or at least clap heartily). Best, Shane

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats on both honors!!!

Suzanne Lutas

Best of luck with all your endavours, Shane! Your success story is inspiring.

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