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71 Attendees

Cindy Ried Cindy Ried
choreographer, dancer
David L. Rice David L. Rice
animator, screenwriter
Steven Becker Steven Becker
director, producer, screenwriter
Marialana DiMarzio Marialana DiMarzio + 1 Guests
accountant, actor, assistant director, camera operator, casting director, choreographer, comedian, crafty, crew, dancer, director, director of marketing & distribution, host/presenter, location manager, location scout, manager, music supervisor, performance coach, producer, production assistant, production manager, publisher, script supervisor, set decorator, set designer, singer, stage director, stage manager, talent scout, wardrobe supervisor
Karynne Summars Karynne Summars
author, film/theatre journalist, producer, screenwriter
Asim Rashad Asim Rashad + 1 Guests
Graham P. Halky Graham P. Halky + 1 Guests
creative executive
Gizem Composer Gizem Composer + 1 Guests
music composer, sound editor
Erica Leary Erica Leary + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter
David Levy David Levy
content creator, host/presenter, screenwriter
Amy Joscelyne Amy Joscelyne
Lewis Papier Lewis Papier
musician, playwright, screenwriter
Kenneth Williams Kenneth Williams + 2 Guests
actor, content creator, director, filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, voice actor
Everin James Everin James + 1 Guests
assistant director, best boy grip, camera operator, cinematographer, crew, director, filmmaker, first assistant camera, key grip, production assistant, screenwriter, script consultant, videographer
Lashauna Williamson Lashauna Williamson + 1 Guests
actor, student
Lauren Atkins Lauren Atkins + 1 Guests
Bridget Dolan Bridget Dolan + 1 Guests
actor, voice actor, voice artist
Joe Gawalis Joe Gawalis
director, producer, screenwriter
Stefan Dzeparoski Stefan Dzeparoski
director, dramaturge, filmmaker, performance coach, producer, script consultant
Arthur Kents Arthur Kents
Sebastian Tudores Sebastian Tudores
director, producer, screenwriter
Marina Shron Marina Shron + 1 Guests
director, playwright, screenwriter
Yelena Demikovsky Yelena Demikovsky
filmmaker, screenwriter, theatre director
Emma Vais Emma Vais + 1 Guests
Andres Otero Andres Otero + 2 Guests
assistant director, director, line producer, producer, production coordinator, talent scout
Maria Knox Maria Knox + 1 Guests
actor, singer
George Romaine George Romaine + 1 Guests
Genevieve Castelino Genevieve Castelino
producer, screenwriter
Frank Grullon Frank Grullon
music composer, music conductor, musician
Steven Harris Anzelowitz Steven Harris Anzelowitz + 2 Guests
Mike Trentacosti Mike Trentacosti
editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Rick S Rick S + 1 Guests
filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Jacqueline Stanton Jacqueline Stanton
actor, dancer, screenwriter, singer
LindaAnn Loschiavo LindaAnn Loschiavo
film/theatre journalist, playwright, screenwriter
Kassie Murray Kassie Murray + 1 Guests
Raymond J. Negron Raymond J. Negron
Kevin T. Morales Kevin T. Morales + 1 Guests
Michael Lipscomb Michael Lipscomb
author, film/theatre journalist, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst
Jason Fischer Jason Fischer + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Rebecca Benzell Rebecca Benzell
actor, illustrator, screenwriter
Caterina Campagna Caterina Campagna
actor, producer, screenwriter
Robert Attenweiler Robert Attenweiler
playwright, screenwriter
Andrea Adler Andrea Adler
author, producer, screenwriter
Jennifer Hahn Jennifer Hahn
cinematographer, director, editor, screenwriter
Trevor Crane Trevor Crane
actor, comedian, crew, host/presenter, location scout, producer, screenwriter, script supervisor, singer, voice artist
Anita Clay Anita Clay
actor, assistant director, director, filmmaker, screenwriter, singer, voice actor
Janet Zipper Janet Zipper
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Meet Up

Where: Quinn's Bar
356 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
New York City, New York
When: Sunday, June 28th
6:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 5 years ago
Updated 5 years ago
About the meetup

President of the Stage 32 Happy Writers, Joey Tuccio, is on the East Coast! After our New York-themed Online PitchFest this weekend (featuring APA, eOne, Maximum Film & Production, Sundial Andrew Laurent Productions, Tribeca Productions, and more!) come out to celebrate with Stage 32 and Film Interchange this Sunday night at Quinn's Bar in Manhattan! Some of our New York Online PitchFest executives will be there and it will be a great opportunity mingle and network.

Kevin T. Morales

Joey! Welcome back. Can't wait to say, "hi" and catch up.

Rebecca Benzell

So excited to meet you in person, Joey--and to meet fellow Stage 32-ers!

Constance Cooper

So sorry to miss this, but I have a rehearsal--carrying music gear. Enjoy!

Jenn Mello

Hi All! I'm the Founder of Film Interchange and I'm Co-Hosting this event! Can't wait to meet you all in person. (Although, many of you I know already!) FI has a special offer for you, so come on out and mingle your fannies off! Feel free to send me a Stage32 Friend Request and let me know you plan to come!

Andrea Adler

Looking forward to meeting everyone and giving Joey a HUGE HUG for creating this outstanding opportunity.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi everyone - make sure you take photos and upload them to your Stage 32 profile & this meetup, PLUS, while you're there make sure to #stage32 and include @stage32online in your tweets so we can promote you!

David Levy

Whoops! Got so into conversing with some great people and FINALLY getting face time with Joey I did not have the chance. Wasn't able to stay long so hopefully someone else got some pics.

Stephen GC

Thanks so much Joey and Jenn. It was fabulous!

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