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Luis R. Quintero

If you could travel back in ti…

If you could travel back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you say?

Byron Olson

Get a Canon DSLR, Final Cut Pro, and make your own movie cuz no one is gonna make it for you (or buy your script).

Michael Carten

Don't sacrifice your own happiness for others.

Karla Avendano

Pursue your dreams, that's happiness!

Richard "RB" Botto

Don't watch The English Patient.

Henry Pepper

Fuck Hollywood, don't waste your time and genius in a cesspit of talentless frauds, liars and crims

Roe Moore

Be authentic from the very start instead of attempting to please everyone and losing who I am.

Yazmine Tatiana

Understand your own capabilities and limitations so that you can push them in the right way.

E.C. McMullen Jr.

Don't let your concern about doing it wrong stop you. Don't wait until you think you're good enough. You won't get better until you do it a lot.

Boris Radev

Nothing, because we are our life experiences.

JJ Chalupnik

I would tell myself to stick to my guns, and trust in my own intuition on projects, and make sure to follow through with them to the end. Or something along the lines of E.C. McMullen Jr's line above. lol. I agree completely. :)

Ronald Nicholls

Invest in Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Mindy Leana Shuman

Writing IS a real job.

Loukas Papas

Yo wake the F up....Jesus is still coming!

Chris Sullivan

I'd give myself a heads up so I could stop the school shooting I was at... and probably prevent that whole 9/11 thing.

Jim Blythe

"Never travel back in time, it gets too confusing."

Lucy Sheen 周麗端

Get a Mac and should have accepted the Artistic Directorship of that British-Chinese Theatre company back in the late 80s!

Victoria Victorialand

Back? Forward? Time is now and both but really just space. Timing, is everything.

Christy Evans

Producers want to make money, you want to make art. No one can make both at the same time.

Francesca Sophia

i'd probably say, "dude, listen to more music, and learn the guitar--high school will end faster" no matter how low get, my guitar brings me back. had I known it's relaxing powers back then-- would have helped me through some times.

Rob Innes

Think bigger, take more risks.

Laura Wasylyshen

Remind myself: Do what you love and the money will follow. We are best at what we do most. Everything in moderation, including moderation (I've burned out from working too hard).

Oliver J. Hembrough

Love everything more.

Crystal Lyon

keep it simple.

The Lowpriest

Don't let fear keep you from what you should be doing.

David Kotzebue

Go for arts, not engineering.

Brian M. Cole

"Listen to me you stupid materialistic younger version of me... watch your damn CREDIT report, it controls you wherever you go!!!!! I had to clean up your f--kin' mess!!"

Phyllis K Twombly

Forget about pursuing the call. The church doesn't want you and you're too lazy to start a cult.

Deanna Lynn Walsh

Start over.

Emmanuel David

reAd booKs i Like.. LoVe moRe remember everYones name keep EverY friend

Seán Martyn

Don't do marketing for a year save the 3000 in college fees to buy decent film equipment and start making your dreams a reality

Ann H Barlow

Stop myself from listening to people who are negative and tell me that the things I want to do are impossible.

Forrest Autenrieth

Hey Forrest, shut up and do it. HEY, right now.

Peter Greenfield

Do not start making a film about time travel, there is so many never ending problems.

Jak Wyld

Take the red pill

Jacqueline Astbury

Let people in my life know that I care about them, b/c sometimes you don't get a 2nd chance

Noemi-jane Schlosser

spend more time with my mother

Peg Heron Heidel

Live your life as you would like it remembered by those you love.

Jennifer Lau

Stop being shy and talk to people. They're better and nicer than you know. Those boys aren't going to bite and they don't have cooties either. Don't live life in a cage. Spread your wings and fly.

Michael Rebholz

not to do the things I shouldn't have done , wake up Nit Wit !!!!

Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

Dont borrow any fken money no matter how much you need it ha ha ha

Matthew Roze

Everything will be alright, just hold on in there and everything will be fine. Then after the worrying dance like nobodies watching.

Brian Heidenfelder

Plant your corn early

Jamal W. Hankins

Start screenwriting like NOW!

Aitor Satrustegui

I'd give myself a severe beating and the numbers for next Lotto. And before leaving to the future I'd say "hey kid, don't thank me yet, you'll understand"

Lourvey Bourdan

stay a virgin

Doris Brendel

Don't lend money. Some advice I heard: When someone close to you wants to borrow money, say no, but give them a little of it as a present. Can save a friendship. Wish I'd heard that one before I did.

Cynthia Parker

Live and let live

amiee thompson

you are strong and you can acheive anything!!!!! keep believing!!!!

Sari N

Don't panic about time, time is an illusion just live in the moment !

Nick Taylor

i'd either invest in something profitable (Apple, Google, etc) so that i'd have the money to do whatever i want. money is the main problem. you need good equipment, good crew, good cast. it's SOOOOO hard to do anything without it.

Ramzi Ayash

"Don't get into relationships. You're a terrible boyfriend."

Janelle Meraz Hooper

I would tell myself not to give so much of my time away. I'm not the kind of person to whom things come easily. None of us live forever. I need all the time I can get (says the 67-year-old with more books in my head than I'll ever have time to finish...)

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Don't sleep on life.

Emmanuel David

Listen to your mother she really does know best

Leonard Benedetto

I would tell myself to buy Yahoo stocks

Laura Tabor-Huerta

go to Cal Arts-make it happen. take out a loan if you have to.

Lourvey Bourdan

Stay single and stay a virgin for as long as possible

Daniel Cruz

"Do it again without the suck."

Yvette Helin

Dont hesitate, plow through the BS as quickly as possible and dont doubt your inner voices. They are usually the real voices to listen to if you can shut out the bs to hear them.

Mat Nichol

Do something you love and not what other people want you to.

Karen Keslen

Don't eat much, hahaha.

Aldon Baker

Take your time. Everything works out in the end.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Never doubt yourself, you were right all along

Cynthia Parker

Pursue your dreams and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way

Richard "RB" Botto

Love that, Cynthia. Completely agree.

Seán Martyn

Always doubt the naysayers but never doubt yourself if you do you will become one of them


Ignore the naysayers -- they are stupid. Get a crew of visionaries, keep an eye out for the big drugs which kill amazing folks early, and make your move! (And watch out for Psychic Vampires!!)

Michelle Gibson

Take care of your health. No health, no nothing!

Andrena Al-morihill

What ever you do, don't limit yourself. You are going places you never thought you could possibly go.

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