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Luis R. Quintero

What is the greatest movie eve…

What is the greatest movie ever made? Why?

Onyx London

The Ghost Writer directed by Roman Polanski . The plot is well written and full of suspense . The actors have amazing chemistry with each other and the cinematography is simply amazing. Its really a film that everyone should own

Makenzy Glover

Definately I have to say UNSTOPPABLE because that was the first movie that I was in!

Carlos Franco

Hands down it's Fight Club. Acting, music, editing, screenplay, lighting, cinematography; all are perfect.

Dharmesh Chauhan

Lawrence of Arabia. It's film school. Study it. The screenplay is of course one of the best I've read.

Jim Blythe

Monty Python's Life of Brian - clever, funny and with a point to make. What's not to like?

David Moxham

cinema paradiso! its got everything...comedy/romance/tragedy and beautifully shot...

William Conrad

Terminator 2. IMO. For it's time it was simply unheard of for a movie to play like that. Still, to this day it stands up against most newer movies. Great Story, great writing and some great effects. And who could forget... I'll be back.

Kevin Reams

The Empire Strikes Back! It set the bar so much higher for action and effects, but also has characters and story that is timeless. Plus, with it's darker tone then the others, and it's focus on it's most dynamic character, Han, it is perfection!

Emma Louise Dodds

Back To The Future- tight script, fun and somehow seems timeless after more than 25 years. One of the few movies I NEVER tire of watching... And stars the magnificent Michael J Fox!

William Conrad

Ya. You may be right on that. Back to the future. I've watched it 100 times easy and when I come across it on TV (Even though I own it) I still end up watching it all the way through.

Richard "RB" Botto

I wouldn't call it the greatest, but upon revisiting Back to the Future recently, I was blown away by how tight that script is. Just spot on. Also have to give major props to the editing crew.

Teri Michelle "Elle" Cochran

Chicago, its the greatest musical I've ever seen

Michael Carten

There are so many great movie. I don't think I could pick just one.

Ben Trebilcook

Agree with the comments on here regarding Back to the Future. A truly great movie, on so many levels.

Michael J. Welch

The Princess Bride.

Michael Rebholz

Braveheart, just because it was awesome to see a guy never give up and fought for what he belived in and would Die for !!!!!

Deannah Robinson

I really like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. There's so many other movies that I consider great, but Scott Pilgrim, for me, would definitely be one of them.

Casey Rhodes

Welcome to the thread of hyperbole.

Rob Chandler

Saw 3D: The final chapter because we being extras got engaged on set

Paris Holley Composer

To me The Shawshank Redemption because it was a very well produced film.

Sagar Raha

The English patient and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind because they managed to capture love, emotions and life in its true glory.

Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

I loved the Crow and gladiator - I loved the way they captured the emotions. Both had epic endings.

Junior Fletcher

Godfather---|The rise of Michael Corleone

Sean Laguna

ET...My dream is to work with Steven Spielberg!

Norman Ray Fitts

To Kill a Mockingbird - It spotlighted a social issue in a time where it needed to happen - Met Mr. Spielberg many years ago.

Sean Laguna

WOW!!! that's AWESOME!!!

Sean Laguna

The closest I've gotten is he twitted back to a comment I made about Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind!! I was like AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! lol

Norman Ray Fitts

Sean, If you liked ET go get my novel "The Sentinel" I think you'll love it. It can be ordered through Amazon or Barnes & Noble and is available for the Kindle or the Nook. Every kid that's read it, that I know of, really likes it.

Sean Laguna

Ok I'll look 4 it! thnks =]

Norman Ray Fitts

If you decide you want it and you order it off my website [www.normanrayfitts.com][1] you get a signed copy. If you are on FaceBook go to Books by Norman Ray Fitts and you can see it there [1]: http://www.normanrayfitts.com

Tonja Renee Stidhum


Wendy Okoi-Obuli

Clearly, from the diversity of films mentioned here, there's no such thing as THE greatest film ever made. Personally, Eve's Bayou is perhaps my greatest inspiration to write, perhaps because it resonated with me on some level, as a young black female, and yet is somehow so very other-worldly.

Anthony R. W. Lopez

Lawrence of Arabia - great story, great characters, incredibly amazing visuals even for now, great musical score - everything about this movie is fantastic, definitely one of the greatest!

Janelle Meraz Hooper

Anthony, I used to have a Lawrence of Arabia film fest every year; I was a real fan of T.E. Lawrence. I stopped when I moved to Alaska. Those people won't watch anything for three hours that doesn't have a moose in it (just kidding.).

Paris Holley Composer

Steve, The best portrayal of Christ was Jeffrey Hunter in KING OF KINGS 1961. So say the Film Academy, watch it and tell me what you think, I would really like to get your feedback. The story of the life of Jesus Christ from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. Filmed on a relatively grand scale, the film includes all of the major events referred to in the New Testament; his baptism by John the Baptist; the miracles - cripples walking, blind men seeing; the fishes and the loaves; and so on. The film actually begins with the Roman invasion by Pompey in 65 B.C., the appointment of King Heron the Great by the Romans and finally the crowning of Herod Antipas after he murders his father. The revolt led by Barrabas is also included and John the Baptist's beheading as Salome's price for dancing for Herod. P.S. Jeffrey got so into character in the film It almost ruined his career.

Paul Barnes

Pretty much in my book any movie made by James Cameron from the beginning to today the guy just has a style and attention to detail that infuses each of his films.

Norman Ray Fitts

I watched AVATAR, in all three formats, at the movies, 26 times. One of the details Cameron missed was in the village there were children and babies but not one single pregnant female. They had navels so they gave birth the same as us but within the hundreds of natives not one single pregnant female wasn't real.

Paul Barnes

Please! Who knows if one of them wasn't pregnant you're making quite a leap. Certainly this is a good question to ask the man himself, which you are not.

Norman Ray Fitts

I may try to do that. The audience only knows what they see or hear. It did not take away from the story. I noticed, and if you are creating reality, for the sake of the movie, things need to be realistic. There were a couple of other unrealisc choices that were made by the characters, but they were choices real people could make.

Norman Ray Fitts

One other thing, when Trudy swung around nose to nose with the dragon ship and opened up with the twin mins, they fire 6000 rounds a minute each, she would have evaporated the cockpit, but then we wouldn't have had the great duel at the end.

Casey Rhodes

Goodfellas. I've seen it more times than I can ever count and I've yet to find a flaw.

Gianna Isabella

Anything by Scorsese is the best film ever made-he just knows how to entertain in every way. He has a strong focus on story which is followed by his style & technique. (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Boardwalk Empire, Shutter Island etc.) Love them all!

Karen Keslen

The Dark Knight Rises, because it has a fabulous cast, soundtrack flawless, brilliant script and a production simply fantastic. It's amazing to think that I followed this movie from beginning to end of the recordings, reading possible spoilers and creating my theories, and when I went to the cinema the film surprised me and was completely beyond my expectations. Without telling impactful message and a plot that makes us reflect.

Paul Docherty

Well, I mean, what would constitute 'greatest film ever made'? One that made the most money? Reached the widest audience? Will be remembered forever? How about: what movie best encapsulates everything we love about cinema - the most epic yet the most intimate, the most artistic yet the most accessible and commercial, the most profound yet the most agreeably silly... I don't know about you, but, after giving it a couple of seconds' consideration,"The Fellowship of the RIng" comes pretty close to fulfilling most if not all of those criteria... Any takers?

Dale Sumner

There isn't one!! As the saying goes 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder ' - what is one persons 'greatest' will be another persons 'worst'. I have been very interested in the comments on IMDB recently. Take 'Lawrence of Arabia' for example, it seems absurd to me that some people have reasons to criticize this film, I mean how can they find anything wrong with it?!! But, some do, and I suppose that is part of the great experience in the world of movie making-everyone sees things differently!

Casey Rhodes

"Citizen Kane" usually bubbles to the top, even though this remains sort of a subjective discussion. It's hard to argue against it, that's for sure. Performance, story structure, cinematography...it's got everything. Hard to find a flaw. Certainly not my favorite movie, but darn near perfect.

Don Thomas

Metropolis. Taking into account the vast improvement across the board when it comes to film making since that movie was made. To achieve what they did back then, with what they had in comparison to everything which have been made film wise up until today it is undoubtedly the best movie ever made. In my opinion, he said as if he was some sort of authority on the subject. ;)


thats easy, the first film ever to incorporate sound....

Tiffy Diamond

WOW, I can't even attempt to tackle this question. haha :)

Michael "Cap" Caputo

Don, you got there first. Anyone who has not seen Metropolis with the original is deficient in their knowledge of movies. Surreal, poignant, dark, hopeful, exciting, dramatic, pensive, inspiring, advanced (for its time), meaningful to all ages, traumatic, prophetic. I have watched it with a 6 year old girl who jumped off her seat yelling at the screen "That's not the REAL Maria!" and with a 44 year old male who two scenes later said "Wait a minute, there are TWO Marias!" Years later I watched it with about a half dozen teens who at first bemoaned watching a silent movie yet THEY paused it repeatedly to have a discussion about particulars such as why the Mayor closed the curtain before the foreman came into the room council room. The other PERFECT movie in my opinion is "The Old Man and the Sea." A few really call me back to the screen. "Five Angry Men" <- the original not the remake. "Rear Window" <-both the original and the remake for different reasons. "Africa Queen"

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