Loglines & Screenplays by Norman Ray Fitts

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GENRES: Crime, Drama, Romance

A young woman is struck by a drunk driver and is murdered at the scene to prevent her from telling. Three years later her ghost appears in a mirror and with the help of a couple of high school kids brings the man to justice.

The Jacket

GENRES: Crime, Drama, Romance

--SOLD-- A couple of kids work summer jobs cutting grass, walking dogs, yard work and so on to earn the money to buy a jacket for their single mom that she won't buy herself only to have the money stolen. With the help of a detective the crime is solved and two families become one.


GENRES: Action, Adventure, Thriller

A Terrorist gets a 5 kiloton warhead into the country. That's about half the size of the one used on Hiroshima. Even a Terrorist can't catch a break sometimes. The vehicle they've built it into gets hijacked by people who have no idea what's hidden inside. The weapon is on a timer that even the Terrorist can't shut down. They're chasing the bomb and we're chasing them. It's going off, but where?

The Sentinel

GENRES: Adventure, Sci-fi

The Sentinel, an eight-foot tall, six hundred pound genetically engineered being left for dead by an interstellar spacecraft becomes the protector of a blind, thirteen year old girl injured in the mountains of Colorado and sometimes it takes a very special event to show the world what it really means, to be human.

The Encounter

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

A chance encounter between two people, one alien and one human, turns into a life-or-death race into Earth’s past leaving Earth’s future hanging in the balance.


GENRES: Crime, Drama

Amanda is the only surviving member of her family after their car is forced off a mountain road. With no memory of who she is, and a stranger to help put the pieces back together, a journey of rediscovery begins, a journey that someone will kill to prevent.

When Time Stands Still

GENRES: Sci-fi

---SOLD---Professor Charles Bently has opened the door to another reality and Terri Long has come along for the ride, or has she. After tracking down Charles, missing for five months, she joins him on a journey to a place where time doesn’t matter, or did she.

The Submarine Effect (A four night TV mini-series)

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

The world as we know it is gone and those who orchestrated the end of our existence never believed we would take the rest of the world, their world, with us, but like many who came before them they failed to understand the power that gave birth to the American sprit and hundreds of years later that strength of spirit will rise from the depths to once again claim its rightful place in a world that has mutated into something very, very lethal.

The Key

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

To save his kingdom from an unspeakable evil, a young knight begins a quest in search of a mystical key to an unknown power, a quest that will take him across the galaxy to a world he can’t even imagine, Earth. With the help of a female archeologist, they will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to save his home

The End

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

--IN CONSIDERATION-- An unlikely pair must travel back in time to save mankind from the ultimate weapon of destruction.


GENRES: Horror

--- SOLD---A detective trying to run down what he thinks is a serial killer stumbles onto the trail of a demon passing through time killing young women after he shows them what he’s going to do to them in their dreams, but his last victim’s spirit is too strong and remains behind and with the help of the detective goes after him.

A Babysitter's Nightmare

GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama

---PRODUCED---A young girl is left to babysit two kids overnight when the home is broken into. At the risk of her own life she confronts the intruder to protect the kids.

Lacy Lewis: The Case of the Missing Bike

GENRES: Crime, Drama

-- IN PRODUCTION -- To recover her friends stolen bike, and using the skills taught to her by her Private Detective father, 10 year old Lacy, and her friend, embark on a mission that uncovers a much more sinister plot.

Wednesday's Child


---SOLD--- Life couldn’t be better for Bryan Langford, just engaged and headed off to college. Life couldn’t be worse for Tina Gleason, raped and about to give birth. She and the baby are going to the highest bidder and the highway will make Bryan, her only hope.

The Bus Stop


---PRODUCED---A bus stop is a very small area that brings people together for a short amount of time. This is a very special day in the life of this bus stop, as told by the bus stop.

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