Loglines & Screenplays by Charles Crawford

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Last Contact - Semifinalist China/Hollywood Fellowship Contest 2018

GENRES: Sci-fi

On the brink of extinction by a deadly alien emperor, Earth's last salvation may be an orphaned, halfhuman, 17 year-old, naïve, sheltered, pacifistic farm girl who unknowingly is next in line to be queen of a benevolent alien federation that knows the shocking truth of Earth's origins

Betrayal (With Bella and Duke)

GENRES: Comedy, Crime

When a female DEA agent, in charge of a task force, suspects there’s a mole in her organization warning others of impending drug busts, she faces a dilemma – is the mole in her trusted inner circle of agents or is it someone else close to her? All the while a talking house cat and a drug detection dog express their animosity for each other and critique the humans involved in very critical, comical and vulgar terms. (Note: PG version also available.)

Alive and Alone

GENRES: Adventure, Drama

A young boy survives a private airplane crash that kills his father leaving him alone to survive in the wilderness of Alaska using skills he learned from his father until or if rescued.

Paris Mon Amour

GENRES: Mystery, Romance

An impetuous, naïve young woman, despondent over the loss of her first love to war, leaves a small vineyard village for Paris seeking adventure, fun and a new life only to become a suspect in the murder of a local crime boss.  Pilot and Episodes 1 & 2 completed with Paris Director/10% writer attached.

Beyond Boundaries

GENRES: Adventure, Crime

In order to visit his father in Malaysia to collect a large sum of money owed his divorced mother a young American man and his friend embark upon an ill-fated, daring venture by stealing an airplane, two sailboats and two speedboats - none of which neither has any experience operating.  (Note: Based upon first person participant’s account backed by court records for which I have rights to adapt.)  

Across the Brazos - Semifinalist LA International Awards Contest 2018

GENRES: Action, Western

Mistaken identity as a killer in Montana results in the man fleeing to Texas to a new life defending the ranch he works for as a fast gun until suddenly he is forced to decide between his obligation and love he has there or return to Montana to face his fate.

Call of the Brazos - Semifinalist China/Hollywood Fellowship contest 2018

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Romance, Western

A rugged fast gun, haunted by the ghost of a past love thought dead and a false accusation of murder, has to prove his innocence and defend his ranch inheritance with the help of his new love, an aristocratic attorney. Both of whom have vague thoughts of familiarity neither can understand from a long forgotten lost love.

Southwest Thunder

GENRES: Action, Historical, War, Western

This true story follows a frontiersman’s interactions with Apache Chief Cochise as Station Master near Apache Pass, his subsequent formation of the Arizona Rangers and later, his joining the Confederates who occupy Tucson.

Operation Iceberg: The Battle For Okinawa

GENRES: Action, Historical, War

Events as they occurred at Okinawa in a stirring and personal war saga of heroism, death and sacrifice from both the American and Japanese points of view, most especially Japanese Colonel Hiromichi Yaraha who set up the defense for the island.

The Haunted Lighthouse

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

When a sadistic sea Captain is set adrift by his mutinous crew to die, he takes up his ghostly residence in an abandoned lighthouse vowing revenge while bringing terror and murder to a coastal community as he seeks someone to join him in death. The sheriff must contrive a way to rid the town of him. 

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