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  • PlotHole (USA)

    PlotHole (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Mystery Thriller The story of a man who tried to unravel the mystery of his brother's suicide, after he refused his brother's request to divorce his wife, for the sake of being married off to a Polish nobleman.

  • Brazil 2*0 (USA)

    Brazil 2*0 (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Mystery Sci-fi A young man was sent back when the most skilled hacker nicknamed the messiah first appeared in 2010, where in 2012 the messiah suddenly disappeared, even though at that time he was superior to the world government. The young man was known to be the son of the messiah.

  • Love Without Estuary (Indonesia)

    Love Without Estuary (Indonesia) Budget: $10M - $30M | Crime Drama He enjoyed himself as a lover of men, not because of anything but because he was comfortable, and he lived in the insecurities of his immoral father and wife life. One day he left home, with some street children because of injustice.

  • Depends on the Designer of the Universe (Iran)

    Depends on the Designer of the Universe (Iran) Budget: $5M - $10M | Drama After a young woman suffering from a rare and dangerous disease that would further weaken when smelling a cigarette, a father was made a defendant in order to cover up that his daughter was the one who actually smoked and caused the young woman to be critical, because smoking in Iran is taboo for women.

  • Everybody Wants to Kick Me Out (USA)

    Everybody Wants to Kick Me Out (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Comedy Drama Michael Richards, one of Seinfeld's comedy series actor, was offered by a novice director to work on a film about Richards himself to improve Richards's name, but the problem is ..... Richards hasn't written and conceptualized comedy for a long time.

  • Flaming (USA)

    Flaming (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Drama About Erotomania, a sense of belonging but different facts, and how gays view their loved ones, and the sacrifice of the hearts they bear.

  • The Sun (Yugoslavia)

    The Sun (Yugoslavia) Budget: $5M - $10M | Mystery Drama About a boy and his grandfather were waiting for something that never they know and see before they hear from people who used to visit them to give light. That something is ..... the sun.

  • Indonesia, Indonesia (Indonesia)

    Indonesia, Indonesia (Indonesia) Budget: $30M+ | Drama Fantasy About 4 alternative worlds in Indonesia.

  • Wen Bie (China)

    Wen Bie (China) Budget: $10M - $30M | Crime Drama Fai slanders Lei for the suicide of their best friend, Ho, and the actual murder Ho committed before his suicide. All for the sake of getting girl whom Fai and Lei fight over. The girl is Ho's girlfriend.

  • Kimia (Chemistry) (Malaysia)

    Kimia (Chemistry) (Malaysia) Budget: $5M - $10M | Romance Fantasy Two people live, work and get along in the same place, but in different dimensions, they are both created with each other as the main characters of their imagination. They have never met. The man makes the woman through drawing while the woman through writing

  • Saga Recorded (Germany)

    Saga Recorded (Germany) Budget: $10M - $30M | Drama After being sentenced to only have a few days' life expectancy, with chaos and imperfections in his household and business, a man tries to make the rest of his days the most perfect days he has ever had.

  • 1 (Satu) or 1 (One) (Indonesia)

    1 (Satu) or 1 (One) (Indonesia) Budget: $100K - $1M | Other Horror The investigation after the discovery of an intruder who was possibly not human, at a lavish party attended by many people, near Lawang Sewu in Semarang, Central Java.

  • A Rainbow who Craves the Death (Aline Trilogy Part 3) (France)

    A Rainbow who Craves the Death (Aline Trilogy Part 3) (France) Budget: $30M+ | Crime Drama After Aline was brought in by Claudette, with long twists and turns, she was finally treated by the wife of a police chief, who secretly became a loyal fascist follower and was secretly active in organizing.

  • The Chinatown's Crew (USA)

    The Chinatown's Crew (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Other Drama In a few-room drama, a group of production teams must determine what needs to be done, what should be included as a film element, both music scores, dialogues, how to place the right scenes, and those handled by the director who is also involved in the discussion, namely what kind of film style to be taken.

  • Will I Have a Camera (Aline Trilogy Part 1) (France)

    Will I Have a Camera (Aline Trilogy Part 1) (France) Budget: $10M - $30M | Comedy Drama An 11-year-old boy goes on a street adventure and survives in a deceptive way to achieve his dreams, buy a camera and start a career as a filmmaker.

  • Aline (Aline Trilogy Part 2) (France)

    Aline (Aline Trilogy Part 2) (France) Budget: $10M - $30M | Crime Drama After separating from Clement, Alena became lolita and was saved by officials, especially the general chairman of the union workers, the case befell the officials, about the lolita scandal, the scandal of officials who had underage sex was revealed, Alena was considered a prostitute and was under enormous psychological pressure and had to dealing with the consequences of rotten politics and crime.

  • Lemon Tree (Czechoslovakia)

    Lemon Tree (Czechoslovakia) Budget: $30M+ | Animation Comedy A young man suspects that the magic lemon tree that is said to be thousands of years old that has supported his family has been replaced over the generations by a secret organization which only the first child as members and knows. The young man himself is the second child.

  • A Tale of Tales (UK-USA,-France-Greece-India)

    A Tale of Tales (UK-USA,-France-Greece-India) Budget: $10M - $30M | Mystery Fantasy About Aristotle who always failed to make the twin towers requested by Sanat Kumara, because when the towers were almost a pair, the towers that were already a pair always disappeared.

  • Father and a Loaf of Bread (Matteo Trilogy Part 1) (Italy)

    Father and a Loaf of Bread (Matteo Trilogy Part 1) (Italy) Budget: $30M+ | Drama A boy and his mute father were trapped in the city of Parma and could not go home, they both worked illegally at a train station there, so that for some reason they lost their jobs, they ran out of money and their only provisions were left.

  • Nadia (France)

    Nadia (France) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Experimental The story of the director who returns face to face with his past regrets with a girl he played on purpose with no regrets between reality and fantasy.

  • One Time in Congo (Congo-Vietnam)

    One Time in Congo (Congo-Vietnam) Budget: $30M+ | War Comedy A group of rich Vietnamese youths illegally entered Congo to avoid war in their country and enjoy beauty and peace in the Congo, but the opposite happened to them.

  • House of the Rising Sun (USA)

    House of the Rising Sun (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Mystery Fantasy Throughout his life, Arnold, was not permitted by his parents and siblings to see the outside world even if only one foot stepped out of the house was not allowed, if Arnold violated the cruel punishment was waiting. Until Arnold's sister, someone who was ignored by the family except by Arnold gave a small clue why Arnold could not see outside even just in his imagination.

  • Amour (Malaysia-Singapore)

    Amour (Malaysia-Singapore) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Fantasy Two season series, each with 5 episodes. In each episode the legendary love story is summarized into a unified story with a modern setting and follows the times along with the reality in Malaysia (for season 1) and Singapore (for season 2)

  • Childrens (Japan-Latvia-USA)

    Childrens (Japan-Latvia-USA) Budget: $30M+ | Animation Fantasy The story of Andrey Straignen, a Latvian young man who has never dreamed in his sleep, but without his will, he entered into the body of another person one day before the death of them, and he also shared feelings in their final days such as emotion, sadness, feeling proud, happy, tired, angry, pain, hidden secrets, guilt, even the pain of death.

  • Balada Triste aka Sad Ballad (Brazil)

    Balada Triste aka Sad Ballad (Brazil) Budget: $10M - $30M | Drama About a child who dreams of becoming a famous painter and stole his friend's bicycle to meet a painting critic to be criticized for his paintings, but ...

  • Not Shelter aKa Ungrateful Coward (Matteo Trilogy Part 2) (Italy)

    Not Shelter aKa Ungrateful Coward (Matteo Trilogy Part 2) (Italy) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Drama No one wants to be laughed at. Comedians are laughed at to make a living, even Matteo. Not Shelter (Ungrateful Coward) is the second part of the Matteo trilogy.The story about Matteo, a comedian who is famous not for being funny but because of his stupidity, he knows but that's the only way to make money that he feels he can.

  • The Land of Evergreen (Global)

    The Land of Evergreen (Global) Budget: $30M+ | Sports Drama The most evocative, inspiring, uplifting stories from the world of football. Pure fiction, not documentary, with a setting according to the scene and expected to be as similar as possible to fact or the original urban. * The title was inspired by the title song Koes Bersaudara

  • Arid (or Selfish Love) (Matteo Trilogy Part 3) (Italy)

    Arid (or Selfish Love) (Matteo Trilogy Part 3) (Italy) Budget: $10M - $30M | Drama A young man changes his goal of raising money from treating himself and his father from Parkinson's who is very bad to give a wedding ring to his girlfriend who he really loves. With the selfishness of the young man's love, he thought that the very, very small amount of time together would be sufficient.

  • Remuk a.k.a Crushed (Indonesia)

    Remuk a.k.a Crushed (Indonesia) Budget: $5M - $10M | Crime Drama A husband and wife are promised a better and more abundant economy as long as their 14 year old daughter plays a role in an illegal adult film.

  • Grace for Us Life (United Kingdom-Scotland-Hungary-Germany-France)

    Grace for Us Life (United Kingdom-Scotland-Hungary-Germany-France) Budget: $30M+ | War Drama In order to pay for his son's supplies on the battlefield, Raphael was willing to do anything including selling weapons on the Scottish-English border, he was arrested by the Scots, but the British did not want to know because Raphael was not registered as a British citizen. Sonny, the son, begged the king to release his father, but because the king was instigated by his aide, Sonny was ordered to send an item to the Boka Kotorska bay in Hungary alone to the British army there as a condition, the king only gave a stock to Sonny for a trip

  • Unforgettable Hurts (An Family Trilogy Part 2) (USA)

    Unforgettable Hurts (An Family Trilogy Part 2) (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Drama A young man with Social Disorder cannot distinguish between facts and delusions, feels everyone can feel his feelings and tries to educate people with the hurt he feels.

  • Nude aka With No Equal (An Family Trilogy Part 3) (USA)

    Nude aka With No Equal (An Family Trilogy Part 3) (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Drama A selfish man who always feels right and takes refuge in his illness realizes he is not the one who suffers the most when he learns the fact that his younger sister has been ignored, especially by his mother for more than 25 years.

  • The Mystic (Poland)

    The Mystic (Poland) Budget: $100K - $1M | Experimental Fantasy A memory formed from the "soul of a memory" of a boy along the Oder river in Poland. About his mother who killed him because he was too fond, his father mentally tortured him because he wanted to forge the boy's morals, as well as a bloody agreement that made the boy's toddler sister as a victim to erase the famine, due to the mind of the primitive villagers along the river

  • Acid (Denmark)

    Acid (Denmark) Budget: $30M+ | Mystery Crime A 21-year-old girl failed to commit suicide at a party and was even considered a murder suspect and then sentenced to death, she also tried to escape from the death penalty so that she could finish her life with her own hands, the girl was inspired from the series did not sell in the 80s era. In other places, a detective and a movie maniac who always fails to get a chance to solve a case for the first time after watching the same series.

  • The Boxer (USA)

    The Boxer (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Drama Simon was a former boxer, he is now very active as a provocateur, and does not have the fatigue of a boxer like his old job, he worked for left-wing organization that was very opposed to the government. One day Simon was sentenced to death because his provocations left many people dead in riots. Shortly he was made a "Political Tool" between the government and the Left wing, Simon finally knew the politics of both the government and the left-wing are equally rotten.

  • Horror (USA)

    Horror (USA) Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror Experimental In a radio tells Christo a member of the mafia who hung what he did so he became a spirit of curiosity and kill those who made him meet death, A radio listener wants to imitate what Christo did.

  • Master of Porn (Indonesia-USA-UK)

    Master of Porn (Indonesia-USA-UK) Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Fantasy An indigo just realized his ability, he was determined to influence Indonesian government and  opposition so that pornography was legalized in the country, all was done for the sake of his girlfriend who was too stupid and could not do anything, the young man knew only to be a porn star who could make the girl can feel life, even with the consequences, in addition to the consequences of the girl, the young man must face extreme conditions in his country and all over the world due to what he did.

  • Werewolf: The Second Scene (USA)

    Werewolf: The Second Scene (USA) Budget: $5M - $10M | Mystery Experimental About the inhabitants of a small town who played the character of themselves in a previous life, where the characters they played were their daily lives, and their real selves were displayed on a stage. The center of the story is a girl who was rumored to have been killed by a mental patient who had lived on the streets for a long time, the same time as a child reading a newspaper published decades ago, about an urban legend eighty-seven years ago, where a man got off at the station the small town train, the man was rumored all the way mimicking the wolf's howl, until it became a topic of conversation, but no one saw the man again after getting off at the station.

  • A Tale from Days before the Fails of First Bolshevik aka The First Bolshevik (Russia)

    A Tale from Days before the Fails of First Bolshevik aka The First Bolshevik (Russia) Budget: $10M - $30M | War Drama Rubin was desperate to go to a city that was in chaos and strict supervision to buy opium to cure the rare disease of his father who could only be treated with opium.

  • i'm Just Paranoid (USA)

    i'm Just Paranoid (USA) Budget: $10M - $30M | Mystery Fantasy Swedish reporters get murder cases with the same story but different victims from many people, all of them claiming a phobia against the police.

  • Loden Pajamas (USA)

    Loden Pajamas (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Drama Music A song became a hit after being buried for almost decades, a radio announcer tried to uncover the story behind it, he also found out who was a Paul Robbinson, someone who should be recognized by the world.

  • Father, Son (USA)

    Father, Son (USA) Budget: $30M+ | Mystery Crime A Don (Head of Clan-Mafia) is hesitant in deciding whether his son is truly a dual agent as well as a federal agent or his confession is caused by of his having a mental disorder.

  • The Inherited Saga (Indonesia)

    The Inherited Saga (Indonesia) Budget: $1M - $5M | Other Fantasy A young man returns to his village to bury his family's killer along with himself, in order to atone for his revenge, about a ritual his father once told.

  • A Place (Russia)

    A Place (Russia) Budget: $30M+ | Animation Fantasy two orphans were made prostitutes by their father under the guise of a circus performance, they tried to forget their old home, but they (including their father) always returned there, whatever happened.

  • Kanpai (Japan)

    Kanpai (Japan) Budget: $30M+ | Animation Drama Tells the story of a young man's trauma because he considers himself to be the cause of his friend's suicide, his days are passed by depression which affects the relationship with his family and friends which also changes a lot, not the same as before.

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