Mark Cabaroy's Reel

Angie's Log #1

The pilot episode of The Invaders webseries: Angie's logs- we meet Angie Martinez an eight year old girl who witnesses the start of an invasion of Earth and ...

Angie's Log #2

Angie adventures continue as she decides to go investigate the appearance of the UFO she saw outside her window.

Invaders promo

Invaders Promotional clip

Everything you've always wanted to know about bagels

It's the story of a guy who finds love.. sort of.. no not really it's what you think it is. Make sure you watch it through until after the end credits.


Here's a film I made a few years ago from what I thought was a very funny script written by a talented screen writer named Danny Palumbo from a website called

Dress Code

A woman gives a homeless woman five dollars with unusal results.


The beautiful blind psychic Carly St. Johns is on a quest to track down dangerous career criminal Randy Meyers with the help of her police department liaison Lieutenant Razzinksy. When fate traps Randy and Carly in the same hotel room, they must match wits in a psychological game of cat and mouse to see which one of them will get out alive.

The Sweet Life

Two kids steal from a local Greek ganster and then pretty much what you expect to happen, happens!

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