Loglines & Screenplays by Scott Marshall Taylor

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Fresh Start, Inc.

GENRES: Sci-fi, Comedy

Martin Dorschman is a tightly-wound 50 year old man who thinks he will be promoted on his birthday, BUT is instead fired. He only then agrees to use a convert organization to fake his death so he can come back to take a wrong-headed approach at being his boss's boss and to even more wrong-headedly try to get that same unimpressed company to plan a memorial for his former self so as to impress his now widowed but still bitter former wife

The Mr. Dave Show...Show

GENRES: Comedy

Forced out of the the business of children's show clowning, due to psychological problems, Mr. Dave Show still wants to prove that he has acting talent, and that he is sane. ....Against his agent and his shrink’s advice he takes work under various disguise as his ex-wife’s pool-man, driver, hairdresser etc....



A man survives the 9-11 collapse of the twin towers -walking away in a daze. A series of subsequent decisions lead him into a new life.


GENRES: Comedy

Clubfit-less is everything you NEVER wanted your health club to be.



A sheriff in a nearly abandoned small town, with a legendary mystical lake, tries to solve a crime as he struggles with himself, the disgruntled townspeople, a visiting journalist, and the past, while he tries to replace his deceased brother at work and at home.

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