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  • Immortal

    Immortal Budget: $30M+ | Fantasy Comedy A powerful vampire, tired of immortality and loneliness, is trying to find a way to become a human again and start a family, but he is prevented by an organization that is engaged in the destruction of a vampire.

  • Special Risk

    Special Risk Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Crime Michel is a single-minded policeman who is ready to do anything to catch a cruel maniac, even to become a bait for him.

  • Defender

    Defender Budget: $30M+ | Action Comedy A timid taxi driver, who dreamed of being a police officer, becomes the defender of a world-famous, selfish female singer who's being chased by a gang of thugs.

  • The Road of life: Part three

    The Road of life: Part three Budget: $30M+ | Action Thriller In the final part, the main character, after the death of his companion dog, continues his dangerous journey to the colony of survivors to deliver a cure for the virus.

  • Primal

    Primal Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Adventure A rich and selfish businessman accidentally moves back in time 10 thousand years ago, then gets acquainted with primitive people and begins to teach them to develop and be civilized, while trying to find a way to return to the future.

  • The Beginning of time

    The Beginning of time Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Adventure After a passenger plane crashes on a mysterious island, the surviving passengers battle huge predatory insects and dinosaurs to survive.

  • Bottom

    Bottom Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Action Scientists find a spaceship at the bottom of the ocean, then descend on a bathyscaphe to the bottom of the ocean and discover that the owners of the spacecraft are aggressive aliens

  • The Road of life: Part one

    The Road of life: Part one Budget: $30M+ | Action Thriller A small group of people are trying to deliver a cure for the virus to a colony of survivors to save humanity, but they are opposed by zombies and cruel people who like to live in a world without laws.

  • The Road of life: Part two

    The Road of life: Part two Budget: $30M+ | Action Thriller In the sequel, the main character, who strayed from the group with his dog, continues a dangerous journey to the colony of survivors to deliver a cure for the virus.

  • Invasion

    Invasion Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Action After the crash of a spaceship, an astronaut finds himself on a planet inhabited by intelligent beings who are preparing to invade the planet Earth to exterminate people.

  • Unforgettable days

    Unforgettable days Budget: $30M+ | Western Adventure In 1899, a bounty hunter tries to deliver a daring criminal to the state capital for the death penalty. However, the bounty hunter is prevented from doing his job by the criminal's partners. They want to capture a prisoner. They need to find out where the stolen money is hidden.

  • The Other world

    The Other world Budget: $30M+ | Horror Action Five experienced, ruthless robbers break into the castle to steal an expensive diamond, not knowing that the owners of the castle are ancient monsters.

  • The Apostate

    The Apostate Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Action The head of the security service works for a crazy, cruel, criminal boss. Fearing for his family, the head of the security service begins to cooperate with FBI agents to eliminate the criminal boss.

  • Redemption

    Redemption Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Action A former member of a criminal gang is forced to work for employees of a federal agency in order to kill or capture his former accomplices.

  • A New life

    A New life Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller Comedy An ordinary hard worker during a vacation with his family finds a suitcase with two million dollars and appropriates it for himself, not suspecting that this suitcase belongs to a cruel criminal authority.

  • Blood River

    Blood River Budget: $30M+ | Historical Thriller In 1925, in the swamps of Florida, a farmer protects his family and the lives of others, trying to catch and kill a giant man-eating alligator.

  • Difficult times

    Difficult times Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Drama A married couple lives a happy life, but then the husband finds out that his wife is a serial killer.


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