1500 actors required for a imdb self recorded - a job post by Jay Croot

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Veronica Garza Actor
Veronica Garza is hired
Shaun Robert Grant Actor
Shaun Robert Grant is hired
Hayden Zych Actor
Hayden Zych is hired
Anthony King Actor Actor
Anthony King Actor is hired
Angelica Bianca Jimenez Actor
Angelica Bianca Jimenez is hired
E'Kara Thornton Actor
E'Kara Thornton is hired
Billionna Olivia Reyes Actor
Billionna Olivia Reyes is hired
Fred Dukes Actor
Fred Dukes is hired
Edward Kayal Actor
Edward Kayal is hired
Kai Jing Actor
Kai Jing is hired
Cristina Vargas
Cristina Vargas is hired
Ed Timothy Actor
Ed Timothy is hired
Matt Otstot Actor
Matt Otstot is hired
Nathan T. Esser Actor
Nathan T. Esser is hired
Patricia White
Patricia White is hired
David DuBois Tucker Actor
David DuBois Tucker is hired
Isabelle Mann Actor
Isabelle Mann is hired
Blake Pell Actor
Blake Pell is hired
Robert Cristian Trif Actor
Robert Cristian Trif is hired
Kristen Parker Lovell
Kristen Parker Lovell is hired
DeAndre Jones Actor
DeAndre Jones is hired
Sunday Sabbath Actor
Sunday Sabbath is hired
Troy Starr Actor
Troy Starr is hired
Nathan T. Esser Actor
Nathan T. Esser is hired
Anthony King Actor Actor
Anthony King Actor is hired
Ginger Marin Actor
Ginger Marin is hired
Ben Phelps Actor
Ben Phelps is hired
Niamh Andrews Fraher Actor
Niamh Andrews Fraher is hired
Destoni Brooke Wiggins Actor
Destoni Brooke Wiggins is hired
Sara Kamine
Sara Kamine is hired
At DanikaFieldsForever On IG Actor
At DanikaFieldsForever On IG is hired
Robert Holik Actor
Robert Holik is hired
Susan Young-Smith Actor
Susan Young-Smith is hired
Matt Cogswell
Matt Cogswell is hired
Yvette Harper Actor
Yvette Harper is hired
Yiannis S. Zacharopoulos Actor
Yiannis S. Zacharopoulos is hired
Nick Ferwerda Actor
Nick Ferwerda is hired
Jose Ponce Actor
Jose Ponce is hired
Sven Halfen Actor
Sven Halfen is hired
Cláudia Penetra Actor
Cláudia Penetra is hired
Shawn Shillingford Actor
Shawn Shillingford is hired
Richard Ruskin Actor
Richard Ruskin is hired
Christopher Behrens Actor
Christopher Behrens is hired
Juliette Rozier Actor
Juliette Rozier is hired
John H. Berriochoa Actor
John H. Berriochoa is hired
Raechel G. Gladstone
Raechel G. Gladstone is hired
Ingrid Goldberg Actor
Ingrid Goldberg is hired
Mark Marcarian Actor
Mark Marcarian is hired
Colin Jiang Actor
Colin Jiang is hired
Callum Henderson Actor
Callum Henderson is hired
Oshane Grizzle Actor
Oshane Grizzle is hired
Rita Balinha Actor
Rita Balinha is hired
Shameer Lorde Actor
Shameer Lorde is hired
Chris Bath Actor
Chris Bath is hired
Nick Ferwerda Actor
Nick Ferwerda is hired
Wayne E. Brown Actor
Wayne E. Brown is hired
Alexander Del Mar
Alexander Del Mar is hired
Jess Waters Actor
Jess Waters is hired
Shawn Byrne Actor
Shawn Byrne is hired
Joe Leone Actor
Joe Leone is hired
Jimmy Francis Actor
Jimmy Francis is hired
Lance Wallick Actor
Lance Wallick is hired
Kostis Rampavilas Actor
Kostis Rampavilas is hired
NaKeyah Douglas
NaKeyah Douglas is hired
Fiona Grace
Fiona Grace is hired
Mariana Dias Actor
Mariana Dias is hired
Tyler McAlister Actor
Tyler McAlister is hired
Alisa Bebermeyer Actor
Alisa Bebermeyer is hired
Sally Connors Actor
Sally Connors is hired
Camron Chlarson Actor
Camron Chlarson is hired
Henry Blackshear Actor
Henry Blackshear is hired
Anthony King Actor Actor
Anthony King Actor is hired
Senad Matic Karic Actor
Senad Matic Karic is hired
Karim Davis Actor
Karim Davis is hired
David Michaels Actor
David Michaels is hired
Zoelle Rose Actor
Zoelle Rose is hired
Christopher Fyfe Actor
Christopher Fyfe is hired
Karen Sanchez Actor
Karen Sanchez is hired
Aaron McKenzie Actor
Aaron McKenzie is hired
Edward A Haynes Jr Actor
Edward A Haynes Jr is hired
Shawn Speake Actor
Shawn Speake is hired
Marc I. Daniels Actor
Marc I. Daniels is hired
David Andrade Actor
David Andrade is hired
Rogue Thomas Actor
Rogue Thomas is hired
Michael Simpson Jr. Actor
Michael Simpson Jr. is hired
Ahmaad Aspen Actor
Ahmaad Aspen is hired
James Donnelly Actor
James Donnelly is hired
Andy Le Actor
Andy Le is hired
Kenson Junicue Actor
Kenson Junicue is hired
Cristine Rzepka
Cristine Rzepka is hired
JohnPeter "JP" Johnson Actor
JohnPeter "JP" Johnson is hired
Funny Girl Nell Actor
Funny Girl Nell is hired
Gift Igbin Actor
Gift Igbin is hired
Vumile Mngadi Actor
Vumile Mngadi is hired
Seth Bisen-Hersh Actor
Seth Bisen-Hersh is hired
Alex Peurye Actor
Alex Peurye is hired
Christopher Trastoy Actor
Christopher Trastoy is hired
Gary Tucker Actor
Gary Tucker is hired
Pete Haase Actor
Pete Haase is hired
Thali Georges Actor
Thali Georges is hired
Lisa Roumain Actor
Lisa Roumain is hired
Micharn Pollock Actor
Micharn Pollock is hired
Danielle Adams Actor
Danielle Adams is hired
Mark Schaefer Actor
Mark Schaefer is hired
Mora Carew Actor
Mora Carew is hired
Sean Fawaz Actor
Sean Fawaz is hired
Alicia Kozakiewicz Actor
Alicia Kozakiewicz is hired
Maria A Zani Actor
Maria A Zani is hired
Andie Marks Actor
Andie Marks is hired
Scott Webster Actor
Scott Webster is hired
Ugur Uludag Actor
Ugur Uludag is hired
Bonnie Errin Actor
Bonnie Errin is hired
David Barckhoff Actor
David Barckhoff is hired
Alexis Teitelbaum Actor
Alexis Teitelbaum is hired
James Boone Actor
James Boone is hired
Cleautrice Smith Actor
Cleautrice Smith is hired
Jianni Jones Actor
Jianni Jones is hired
Alla Fine Actor
Alla Fine is hired
David McClelland Actor
David McClelland is hired
Teresa E Langston Actor
Teresa E Langston is hired
Areany Tol Actor
Areany Tol is hired
Steve Ferrarie Actor
Steve Ferrarie is hired
Samantha Henry Actor
Samantha Henry is hired
Patrick Muli Actor
Patrick Muli is hired
Tomislav Smith Actor
Tomislav Smith is hired
Jasper Steed Actor
Jasper Steed is hired
Dallas Gibson Actor
Dallas Gibson is hired
Alejandra Taveras Actor
Alejandra Taveras is hired
Vivian Gould Actor
Vivian Gould is hired
Marquette Crump Actor
Marquette Crump is hired
Amy Day Actor
Amy Day is hired
Junius Ayce
Junius Ayce is hired
Ryan O'Donoghue Actor
Ryan O'Donoghue is hired
Perisetla Srinivas Actor
Perisetla Srinivas is hired
Christian A Brock Actor
Christian A Brock is hired
Richard William Todd Actor
Richard William Todd is hired
Bettina Vogel Actor
Bettina Vogel is hired
Butch Sherman Actor
Butch Sherman is hired
Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing Actor
Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing is hired
Leon Jackson Davenport Actor
Leon Jackson Davenport is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Shanice M Baier Actor
Shanice M Baier is hired
Shanice M Baier Actor
Shanice M Baier is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Natalie Elizabeth Beech Actor
Natalie Elizabeth Beech is hired
Laila Stewart Actor
Laila Stewart is hired
Anna Chu Actor
Anna Chu is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Ashanti Newton Actor
Ashanti Newton is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Donald Joseph Kingsbury Actor
Donald Joseph Kingsbury is hired
Actor: Unpaid
E::Shaun Williams Actor
E::Shaun Williams is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Nina Gortinski Actor
Nina Gortinski is hired
Hope Grimmett Actor
Hope Grimmett is hired
Robert Sherry Actor
Robert Sherry is hired
Kengne Pierre Alain Actor
Kengne Pierre Alain is hired
Anna Biswas Actor
Anna Biswas is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Florence Babatunde Actor
Florence Babatunde is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid

1500 Actors required for a IMDb self recorded

Seeking Actor
Location Milano, Italy, New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California
Status Production
Type Feature film
Genre All genres, all formats.
Job Owner
Date Added Jun 28, 2017
Date Updated Jul 4, 2018
Deadline Jul 28, 2018
About the job

We are Seeking 1500 actors Worldwide for a experimental non commercial online IMDB listed feature film 'Hello Au Revoir'. View IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt54...

No audition involved!
On application, actors will be asked to send a self recorded clip(s) recorded on your device mobile, ipad or camera, which will be used in the film.
The film is listed on IMDB all actors cast will be credited on IMDB, please note this is non commercial film i.e you would have no outlay (expense) and we would not sell the film in anyway.

We have some excellent actors onboard we have cast over 1450 actors so far and we are looking at casting another 100 actors for this production. We will cast all actors that follow the instructions on application (IMDB Credit Guaranteed) then once we receive your clip(s) we will credit you on IMDB, and then on the film itself once the film is completed.
This could be you 1st IMDB credit or your 51st, we welcome new upcoming and experience worldwide talent.

This is a groundbreaking film and the first time an online feature film has been created this way.
Why not jump onboard and join us it's going to be special.

Navya La Shay

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