Acting : Got an offer by Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher

Got an offer

Hey all, OK so this might be abit premature but Ive been offered a recurring role in a new web series. I know it sounds like nothing but to me its a big shock.... Ive had to have a drink or two.

Alex Scoras

Congrats buddy, good on yah!

Tony Fisher

Thanks Alex.... Im just stunned...

Tony Huynh

It is nice to hear! Congratulations!!!

Tony Fisher

Hi Tony-yen, thanks. Hope your doing ok.

Rebecca Caldwell

I'm sure the good kind of shock? Haha congratulations x

Brian Walsh

Fantastic Tony! Let us know when it's done so we can watch and tell are friends "We knew him when". :) Well done young man.

Erin Groves


Tony Fisher

Thank you all, very kind of you.

Hayley Kelley

Well done... that's what it's all about right!

Izzibella Beau

That's great, Tony. Congratulations

Red OneRabbit

yay !

Malik Zain Tiwana

go and kills the waves :D

J Emerson McGowan

congrats Tony... keep making it happen

Alastair Kingon

Hey, congrats! I would be doing the same! Have fun with it :)

David M. Tribuiani

Awesome news Tony congratulations!!! See, it all pays off when you remain true to yourself and your dreams. Well done! How did you get involved with web series?

Tony Fisher

Hey David, I started out doing some lip syncing for a few music videos. Part of the brief was to be different characters from TV shows. The producer liked what I did and offered me another role.... funny how things happen.

Bill Hartin

Hey, congrats! Sounds like you did the work and got noticed. Hope you'll keep us in the loop on how it's going. Info like that is golden.

Brian Walsh

So when do you start filming Tony?

Tony Fisher

Hey Brian, I have been in touch with the producer. The script is going through final checks so hopefully soon. But will update everyone when things start rolling, in the mean time Im booked to play a journalist in a short film and just auditioned to play a doctor.

Michelle Jeanmard


Diana Budur


Andrew Bee

Congratulations, Tony. This is excellent.

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