Acting : Modern Family by Cheyn Cole

Cheyn Cole

Modern Family

Hello everyone! I just shot an episode of Modern Family and it airs Wednesday, Oct. 22nd at 9pm on ABC. Tune in to see me in the role of Sophie:)

Robert Rochester

Congrats to you.....

Brandon Koots

Oh my god Cheyn! That's so amazing! How did you get the role?

Brandon Koots

I mean I would really love to be on an episode of Modern Family

Cheyn Cole

Brandon, I did a casting director workshop with the casting director, and I got called in for an audition:)

Brandon Koots

Wauw that is really nice! I thought about mailing them a taped video audition of doing Phil. But not sure though

Cheyn Cole

Well there has to be a role thats right for you. Do you have accounts on Actors Access, etc? Also, if you submit for a role, you would need to be able to come to LA for shooting. And if you do decide to send one in they'll give you audition sides. Doing Phil wouldn't be your best bet if you're 18...:)

Brandon Koots

Yes I did think about that. I would be able to come to LA for shooting. But getting the sides is the problem. I have account on Backstage. Never seen them post anything there. Gonna make Actors Access now

Cheyn Cole

Since Modern Family is such a big show, they generally go directly through agencies. They, in general, won't post on those sites...

Brandon Koots

Yea I guessed that. I searched Jeff Greenberg on Actors Access and found a breakdown for a tall guy who is 17 - 18 year old

Cheyn Cole


Brandon Koots

Just Applied

Cheyn Cole

Yay! Good luck:)

Brandon Koots

Thanks. And good luck finding roles in other TV shows

Cheyn Cole

Thank you:)

CJ Walley

Very cool! Will be looking out for you :)

Bill Hartin

Congrats...! Will definitely tune in to catch your performance.

Amanda Toney

As will I! Congrats, Cheyn!

Shawn Speake

That's what's up!

Savanh Taymani

Good luck... Loving it show

John Michael Mahlstedt

Awesome!! Congrats. Love that show. I'll look for you :)

Matt Jablonski


Maunda Oyin

Congrats! I will be watching. Love that show!

Phil Keys

Good luck with your career.

Katerina Georgiou

Congratulations girl!

Jeri Leader


Sherry Lambert

wow!! awesome!!!

Spike Thurbon

Happy days! Onwards and upwards!

Lianne K. Coleman


J Koissi Stephanie

Lovely x

Burak Kanar

Congrats, Cheyn!

Shari D. Frost


Lisa Regina

Feels great! I'm an acting coach in NYC, I understand how big this is for you! Congrats on your success:)

Stephen Ossias

What a great opportunity for you! Congrats!

Sonja Jones


Lianne K. Coleman

I watched it tonight, what a bright, young actress you are. Brava!!! Wishing you every success Cheyn.

Brandon Koots

It was great indeed! Much success in your career

Cheyn Cole

Thank you:)

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Congratulations Cheyn :)

Cheyn Cole

Thanks Julie

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