Filmmaking / Directing : important is it? by Ozzie Stewart

Ozzie Stewart important is it?

Casting...Is it important to a film? Is the casting process and director important? As an actor, who do you see first? Why? Should casting directors be acknowledged? Let me know your thoughts !!!! SERIOUSLY !!!! Check out CASTING BY. Humbled to be a VERY SMALL part of the production. There's a great deal for actors at Cinema Village over the next two weeks - Bring your headshot to the box office, get your ticket for half price and enter a drawing to win a general meeting with Casting Directors Amanda Mackey & Cathy Sandrich Gelfond..............

Antonio Ingram

Very important, some of these actors/actresses would not have gotten the chance to be known if not for casting directors.

Linda Kennedy

The casting director can make or break a film Certain movies you couldn't picture anyone else in the part

Nathyn Masters

Casting is insanely important. The look of the actor and their delivery is insanely important.

Ozzie Stewart

The question is why do casting directors not get their just rewards?

Nathyn Masters

What do you mean. Don't they get paid?

Ozzie Stewart

They do not get recognition for an Oscar award. Why not? Should they?

Richard "RB" Botto

Couldn't agree more, Ozzie.

Antonio Ingram

famous actors, directors, producers all have sent letters to the association of over the Oscars and they never responded to any of their letters. I believe they should definitely be nominated for a award though. Then again, how often are they used now?

Justin Demeere

One of the most important parts to get your vision represented is to match the talent with the characters but also have the talent with the flexibility to discover new things about the characters. I'd say it is high on the list of importance.

James Durward

Poor casting can destroy a good story. Good casting can elevate a moderate story. Good casting makes direction easier - definitely VERY important

Ozzie Stewart

Great to get the feedback guys. Yet I've learned that some film directors see themselves as the last word in the casting process, so the reverence/importance of the casting director is neglible. What do you think?

Cora Anne Williams

Oh my , this is the MOST important in making a good Film , There are many many films were the Actors to not fit the Role ,

Abram Christian

Casting is extremely important!

Ozzie Stewart

HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE ONE AND ALL!! On the way to making history, next stop at Hudson 'Casting by": Revolution in Hollywood A film by Tom Donahue. "Outstanding!" - Leonard Maltin. ". . . Jampacked with evocative film clips and a who's who of actors and filmmakers." - Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times. The surprising, never-before-told tale of the indispensable yet unsung casting director iconoclasts whose keen eye, exquisite taste, and gut instincts redefined Hollywood. This is the story of Marion Dougherty who launched the careers of the biggest stars in the world. Directed by Tom Donahue 2013, 89 minutes

James Durward

Casting is extremely important. And you don't necessarily get what you pay for. I've seen bad union actors and great first-time actors. Good actors make the Director's job easier - and can add a lot to a weaker story.

Andre Hunt

When a play is read, the characters are defined beforehand. (usually one or two sentences). So I wonder what the casting director gets when they look at a script besides the story. Is there a sheet of descriptions attached to the script?

James Durward

When I cast I give the auditionees the whole script and a character description. They need to know the context of the scene they are auditioning as well as "who" the character is.

James David Sullivan

Watch any film you like. Did you like it? Did the cast play well together? Then ask if casting is important.

No Le Picante

Casting can be extremely difficult because depending on how big your project is your dealing with multiple personalities! You want to cast people who visually fit the script and have actual talent! You want to cast responsible actors. You cast someone who is not serious, or disciplined, the director will have to end up playing babysitter, or Mommy/Daddy on set. You want to cast people who are reliable. If someone says they are going to do it then backs out, this can delay your shoot. If you cast professional people then you won't have too much of a problem of them getting along on set. People who respect the craft and are invested in their art form want to see the project to the end. Casting is like performing an Job interview, except you;'re doing the hiring. You want to make sure the person is going to be committed and professional! Casting the wrong people can prevent your videos/films from being made!

Richard Trombly

One director said if you cast a movie right, your job as a director is nearly done.. if you cast poorly, a grand task is just beginning...

James David Sullivan

I disagree. A catastrophe is beginning (if you cast poorly)! ;-)

Richard Trombly

that is essentially what I meant , grand as in huge... vast not as in good or great.

James David Sullivan

I know! I thought your comment would have more impact when expressed in a more exaggerated manner! ;-)

Richard Trombly

indeed , casting is critical and so many low- no budget films... well there are amateurs that can play the part and ones that cannot ... work with what you've got.. but allocate them to the right place... and remember some actors role is best carrying the lights ...

James David Sullivan

And speaking of budgets, I am reminded of the noble Polonius who once said, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be."

Jan Naft

casting is essential; so is the script.

Jan Naft

Ellen Barkin and Jack Nichelson (sp?) could not save "Man Trouble".

Ozzie Stewart

Hey there. Great to hear from you especially as I've been off the circuit for the last year. CHEERs

Matthew Parvin

Casting a role is like picking the right singer for a songwriter. You make the widgets, they take them to the public.

Doug Nelson

In a word - vital.

Ginger Gilley


Claude Gagne

Casting makes it, or breaks it!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq 8 year old post... where are these coming from???

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