Filmmaking / Directing : Ego vs Profit vs Message by Eric Raphael Harman

Eric Raphael Harman

Ego vs Profit vs Message

IF I invested $250,000 in YOU, what would you Create? How would you go about it? Ego vs Profit vs Message - Tell me?

Robert Evan Howard

I would create a postcard, and send it to you from Hawaii. Thank you, - Robert Evan Howard - / Works best in FireFox - - 1-801-856-3200 / U.S.A.

Paul Hart-Wilden

I would write, produce and direct a sequel to a movie that I wrote and produced. The original is in global distribution and generated a decent profit, so in terms of a film-making investment it's about as close to a "slam-dunk" as I got. May not seem as altruistic as some of the other posts but the more established and higher up the industry food chain I can get then the better positioned I'll be to help others and provide employment opportunities.

Georgia Hilton

If you were to want to invest $250K in our team, my first question is who are you, and what do you want out of the transaction? Do you want to make a profit, tell a story, do you have a story you want told, are you interested in a simply financial deal or do you want to get involved in the project? Do you want the project to offer a message, or be art, or just commercial or any/all of the discussed. If we came to a solid understanding and assuming you wanted to make a reasonable chance of a decent ROI, I'd speak to my contacts in the distribution networks and find out what the distributors are looking for and I'd either write or locate a solid script that would be commercially viable with a reasonable budget based on the total financial investment and our deal. Then I'd pull our team together and make a solid markable and financially viable film project ready for distribution. Locate and secure pre-sales based on the script, plan, budget, and our skill set. Then make the project and deliver to contract. Its a business. A business can be fun, offer a message and be commercially successful... if its handled well.

D. Miles

Some of the best messages could be illustrated through film with less than $250k and the profit would be conveying that message.

Tommi Brem

I'd probably call Gail Zappa again about that "Thing-Fish" musical ...

Helise Stamos

I would purchase some short sale homes to give to single moms, homeless families or victims of domestic violence so that they could get a fresh start!

Philip Sedgwick

I would put my award-winning short screenplay, Nuts and Bolts, into production. Upon completion the balance of the funding would go to P & A, festival submissions, and securing a place for the 30 minute film on cable TV and VOD sources. Why this film? It contains messages of: Tolerance of those going through difficult financial straits. Help for the poor. Allowing compassion to be a lodestone, and for its reinstatement as a valued human attribute. Transcending judgment based upon appearances. We're all on the planet together; if one person suffers, so do we all. Talent attached. That's what I would do with $250K.

Simon © Simon

250k ! I get millions offered to me by Nigerian Princes all the time. I just ignore em... 250K (skoff) LOL That is a parlay-able sum... California Chrome? I boxed the Preakness missed the Super by the #2 horse. Had the exacta and trifecta but with a chalk horse on top, kinda of a weak payout.. In all seriousness, I would have to with a clear conscious start one of the two non profits we are now filling out business plans for grants. One is an interception of at risk youth to teach them trades to 'live off the land.' as is the 2nd, but geared towards adults that technology has left behind. So that would be Message? As for Profit, there are a few tangible low risk investments appearing to be on an uptick. Albeit a risk, it is one I would do. I have done it and proved it to be a winner. Low risk='s long term. Ego- Let me make a short, do not need all of it 50k will get it there, 5k will get it out there. The Sequel or feature will make the money back, or not?

Thomas Bailey

Depends, you hiring me to make the film I want to make or the film you want made?

Jason Morris

It's a balancing act for me, I try to write in some sort of message in every project I do. I find it the easiest in the horror genre because you can say so much and still create something entertaining and feed an insatiable audience and make money. $250k? Right now I would make a supernatural thriller with great characters that have a message that relates to the genera plot. With that low of a budget you either need to have cast in your back pocked in order to make money on it or you need to play the high concept low budget game and make something great in the story department that appeals to an audience base that watch movies in that range and horror is that genera and supernatural horror these days is the perfect sub-genre to create a story with a message.

Jason Levy

I would make a feature film that would entertain the masses as well as have a strong message that people can learn from. The feature would have well-known actors, an amazing script and lots of production value. After it's made it would go through the festival circuit and win multiple awards and be distributed theatrically making a handsome profit. This is a film that people would talk about for years while always making revenue.

James O'Hagan

I would make the film you wanted me to make. But, I would do it my way. Or vice versa.

Demiurgic Endeavors

I would write a new contained sci-fi script with the specific goal of staying under budget. 65% of the movie would be filmed in a green room. I would use the resources of the Michigan Motion Picture Studios, Motion Picture Institute, Michigan Film and Digital Media Incentives, and graduates from various Michigan Accredited Film Schools, as well as the local talent pool. I would also hold a Press Junket to get an early local buzz going. The current Michigan film industry is EAGER for a homegrown project. Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland county alone would recoup your cost of investment. I'm involved in a local independent film group of over 200 members. I sit in and play bass with a jazz fusion band. I'm also in the middle of the local hip hop music scene. I also know a few local rock bands and a few church musicians. I also keep in a close circle of local comic book artists. Not only would I pay you back with interest. I would also give you first dollar revenue on all forms of distribution. If you're of serious intent then my MOTIVATION / GIT ER DONE WORK ETHIC and REAL LIFE SOCIAL NETWORK could be a lucrative business juncture.

Terrence Smythe

I would create my sitcom called "MIXed NUTs" which should have happened a few years ago but one of the actors said they had funding and had us wait.. And NOTHING! Which sucks because a 9 years who was dancing fiebthe NY Knicks, stopped dancing to be a part of the show. I would incorporate my partner in NY who was an associate producer for Orange County Choppers TV show

Elizabeth Miloscia

Ahhhh Funding and promises, promises, promises.........I feel your struggle. Good Luck!!!!!!

Terrence Smythe

You won't so why bother. No time for games

Shanika Freeman

Honestly, I wouldn't invest all of it toward my projects. I would actually use most of it to fix up my neighborhood, pay off debt. Maybe invest some of it to create transitional homes or help those who were incarcerated and need to get on their feet. I would donate to homeless shelters and get these kids off of the street. On a personal level (as far as projects goes), I would definitely use some to get my web-series on board. :)

Paisley Blackburn

I would invest it in a new project currently in development that I and two of my associates are working on right now!

Stacey Bradford Schaller

I'd go with a mix of profit and message. There are important things to say, but they can be said within stories that sell. And selling pays the bills. :)

Dennis DeVivo

My partners and I presently own the original February 11, 1964 film/tape of the Beatles historical first visit to the United States where they performed their first concert at the Washington Coliseum in Washington DC. We are doing a documentary regarding this epic event and we are also doing trilogy for the entire decade of the 1960. Our focus and direction is to tell the complete truth about the decade that transformed the 60's into one of the most powerful periods of the 20th century. Production to begin soon with proper financing. If you are interested please let me know.

Cory Davidson

Definitely would be a message!! We all want longevity and look for profit, but I'm a huge fan of watching a movie that has a purpose or something true behind it.

Valerie Michele Oliver

Good day, John! I'd use the income to invest in helping to close the $250,000 gap in the $3M budget needed to begin production on the indie feature film titled TUCHT. As a survivor of multiple child abuse incidences, I can tell you that TUCHT shines a light on the deep, destructive, chain-effect ‪PTSD‬ cycle; and how the powers of love and forgiveness have helped me and is helping survivors to BREAK the vicious cycle. Also, I'd use some of it to help pay the legal fees for setting up my own company to produce a slate of film & TV projects, and to review and negotiate the the various deal memos looming this month! As an Aries, my ego does play a role in creation, but it's not the lead player. Profit is a part because the more I have, the more I can give and fund more! The message is always there for hearts, minds, and souls that are open and ready to receive it. Cheers!

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