Filmmaking / Directing : Film Design from Ron Cobb (Alien, Aliens, Conan the Barbarian, The Abyss, Total Recall and other) by Florin Şumălan

Florin Şumălan

Film Design from Ron Cobb (Alien, Aliens, Conan the Barbarian, The Abyss, Total Recall and other)

Ron Cobb - Filmography
Ron Cobb - Filmography
1955 Graduated fromBurbank High School 1956WALT DISNEYSTUDIOS (also in Burbank, California)Worked as an inbetweenerand breakdown artiston the animated feature "SLEEPING BEAUTY" 1982 Conceptual Artist…
Damian Lloyd

Why are you posting this? That is, what do you want us to do once we've seen it?

Florin Şumălan

If you scroll down that page, you can click on "gallery" at almost every movie posted there. You can find the design sketches made for those movies. Some beautiful art by Ron Cobb. There isn't a Production Design lounge, but I thought that it's all right to post this in the Filmmaking / Directing lounge.

Damian Lloyd

Aha! Thanks. It would have been useful to mention that in your original post.

Florin Şumălan

I thought about this after I saw your comment.

I didn't understand what you said ("why are you posting this?...what do you want us to do..."); somehow I was taking it personally and an impulse was to get angry, but I didn't want to let myself carried away by that wave and give you some kind of "defensive", hateful reply; maybe it would have been a stupid thing.

I thought about what you were trying to say; perhaps I didn't made a good description (and if I look better, this post looks more like and imdb profile, like a link to a filmmaker's credits).

Maybe it would be better when we post something, to make a better description of what that post is about (not a long description but one that makes it clear of what that post is about), especially when the link we put there says almost nothing or it looks like something else.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Florin. You are not spamming. Clearly. In fact, RB and Stage 32 has asked for members to share content and links (articles, etc) from various resources (not self-promotion) from the very beginning of the site's inception. Your post is right in line with what has been asked of our members—to contribute. You may share what you think would be helpful or interesting to the filmmaking community, etc, in this forum. How and what you share is up to you. I certainly do not need someone else to tell me how to view or whether to decide if I care to click on a shared link. Do you? People can think and decide for themselves. Here's the description for the Filmmaking/Directing forum found at the top: "The place to discuss, share content and offer advice and tips on all things filmmaking and the craft of directing. From pre-production to on set practices to navigating the industry and beyond, this is your forum." So... please continue to share content. Thank you! Your contributions are greatly appreciated. :)

Beth Fox Heisinger

Just looked at the link... wow, great artwork! I love looking at various aspects of film production, especially design. I would have never seen this had you not shared it. So thanks again, Florin. ;)

Carl Pepper

Ron Cobb is a very talented man. Extremely nice and pleasant for sure.

Florin Şumălan

Hello, Beth. Thank you.

I don't know...maybe Damian is right with some things. But yes, I don't want to tell someone how to view a post. I share what I like and what I think it could be inspiring for other people too and if someone wants to see that or not is their choice.

Perhaps Damian was trying to say that if you have some content which you want to share with as many people as you can (not for the reason to get yourself a lot of viewers, but because it has very good quality and they would benefit from that), then if you have a good description (like a movie logline), it would be more clear. Sometimes when I want to watch a movie, I like to see what the movie is about, then I decide if I am interested or not in watching. This is an opinion. Maybe I'm wrong.

I like Ron Cobb's artwork and I think I am glad if you and other people were inspired too.

Doug Nelson

Florin - No, you're not wrong. Thank you for posting the links you find - I find some of them interesting and some not so mutch.

Sandeep Sharma

Florin Şumălan I love your posts! And I have learned so much from them. So thank you!

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