Your Stage : Work in Progress by Bradley J. Lincoln

Bradley J. Lincoln

Work in Progress

Hello! I am very grateful for this opportunity to meet everyone on STAGE 32! I've been in the industry for the last 7 years working on various indie projects, and I'm always looking for better ways to network. My career is a work in progress, but I intend on making a hefty splash within the next 5 years as a Director. This is the trailer to a feature film that I co-directed, and is currently in the distribution stage. I produced and edited the film as well. If you have any questions about the film or if you would like to chat about upcoming projects (or anything else) I would love to hear from you!

Bradley J. Lincoln

Thank you!

Sidney Crudup II

Very nice. Loved the trailer.

Steve Lareau

Good job Bradley! Did you get it in the festival circuit yet?

John William Doryk

Very Evocative! Beautiful Cinematography!

John Michael German

Dear Bradley J. Lincoln: That was a very well put together trailer that definitely sparked my interest in the compelling story. The German officers instantly reminded me of the movie "The Book Thief". Very well done at attracting the user to want to see more. Sincerely, John German

Bradley J. Lincoln

Thanks everyone! The Book Thief was a beautiful film. Adira made it to a couple of festivals before speaking to Sunset Studios, but we are planning on submitting to a few more! A festival or two in Toronto would be wonderful! :)

Mike Doyle

Hi Bradley! That looks like a damn solid piece of work!! The production value is outstanding! Where are you in Orlando? I just moved here with my family 6 months ago. Been trying to meet some filmmakers. Been a little tough.

Kenneth W. Wood

Hey Bradley. Welcome. "Adira" is looking good. The music is phenomenal.

Jorge J Prieto

Powerful, beautiful and inspiring. Congrats, Bradley and best of luck, brother.

Grace Siwale

Looks fantastic well done!!!

Bradley J. Lincoln

Thank you! Mel, we are currently working with Sunset Studios. I would love to have that discussion, too!

Antonio Ingram

Great to meet you, Bradley. Especially another Full Sail student. The trailer above was very moving, very emotion driven which Is my favorite. I wish you journey all the best man.

Debbie Croysdale

Lovely settings and costume design. Looks like it's going to be a "gut wrenching" emotional historical drama, with edge of the seat trepidation on their plight.

Kensly Fresh Agenor

This looks amazing!

David Simpson

is this from the book called ' Number of Stars' based in Denmark ? Written by Louis Lowry ? if so, great and if not , thats fine also, just looked a bit like this story that I now reading to my child. Good luck with the making of !

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Beautiful cinematography. It's fantastic. Can't wait to see it all. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Wheeler

That is really good!

Bradley J. Lincoln

Thank you! Although "Number the Stars" is a great book, Adira isn't based on it. We were inspired by all types of stories, but I would say we were most inspired by true events! I can't wait for the 2016 release!

Ralph Barnette

Good stuff. I'll look forward to the release.

Diane Bradshaw

Thanks for sharing! I am an attorney and producer. Deeply into development of period suspense dramatic feature biopic. Would like to send you materials and keep you in the loop if you are willing. Re: Adira Please let me know where and when I can catch the film in 2016.

Bob Bello

Good job, love the premise. Godspeed!

David Simpson

Number of Stars ; Im sure the film will be well received !

Grace Siwale

I so want to see this movie!!

Bradley J. Lincoln

Sunset Studios

Cassandra Laugsand

Hello Bradley, If you need funding in your upcoming projects, we can help you. I am a Junior Entertainment Advisor at Creative Imagineers Agency. I do mainly talents from Europe, but I can contact the international CEO in Los Angeles, if you are interested in a meeting. You are welcome to contact me at Best regards, Cassandra Laugsand

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Bradley, I've watched all 3... please let me know if you come to Toronto. I'm here. xo

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