Anything Goes : Font style for pitches? by Hardy Awadjie

Hardy Awadjie

Font style for pitches?

Is there a specific style for writing pitches in regards to the font? Or is the standard Times New Roman suitable?

Richard "RB" Botto

I think you would be fine with Arial or TNR, Hardy.

Hardy Awadjie

Sounds good Rich. I've never thought about it before, being a college student the last 7 years I've stuck with Times but was just wondering when it came to pitching.

Richard "RB" Botto

That was my font of choice all through college as well. I've seen some publishers and lit agents who swear by Arial, but as long as you can read the damn thing, it shouldn't matter! Story trumps all!

Keith Britton

a lot of dyslexics struggle with serif fonts, like timesNR, which is why arial or another similar simple sans serif font might be bettre, as you never know who might be the most important reader.

Hardy Awadjie

Good call. I'll just stick to TNR!

Sasha Marina

That or Courier is simple enough..

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