Introduce Yourself : Director / Producer by Gregg Simon

Gregg Simon

Director / Producer

I'm a director / producer based out of Los Angeles, and earlier this year I completed production on season one of HEMLOCK GROVE for Netflix. I've just updated my new website if you'd like to see my work...

Mike Byrd

Hey Gregg, I worked on House a few years back as a grip. I'll check out your website. Here's what we're up to:

Tammy Bennett

It's nice to see some folks here who are "seasoned" in the business. Being a newbie (having written and produced my first screenplay) it is like high octane coffee on a cold Monday morning. An inspiration to get out of bed and get to the laptop and start writing! Would love ot learn more about you.

Iván Castell

Amazing reel.

Gregg Simon

Thanks so much for watching...

Ellen Schoeters

Wauw your reel is really amazing!!!!

Thomas Magnussen

Spectacular reel!

Joanne Moyle

Your reel is pure magic.

Thomas Bailey

Killer work man, I'd love to work with you sometime.

Alexandra Cruz

I first got into Hemlock Grove because of Eli Roth. It's amazing what he can do with the horror genre. Now it has stuck and I just love the show. Maybe we can touch base about some of the projects we're working on. Hope to talk soon!

Allison Cain

Hemlock Grove is an amazing show. I was so highly impressed with every aspect of it. Good job and awesome reel and site!

Gregg Simon

Thanks for watching everyone...nice to virtually meet you all. So glad you like the reel...

Des Nnochiri

Hi Gregg, welcome to Stage 32!

Richard Older

I really enjoyed the fell, good stuff. Welcome to Stage 32.

Christine Siracusa

Fantastic web site. I'm taking notes ;-)

Shay McLean


Ted King

Very ingenious!

Elaine Lindsay


Shay McLean

Yes...Elaine...I concur...SWEET awesomesauce!

Theresa Clark

Hello Gregg.. very nice to meet you. Funny, but I watched the first episode just a couple of days ago on Netflix, and now here I am writing you....

Liam Lionheart

I didn't realize you were a unit director, I used to watch House all the time.I just didn't care about the final episode. Would love to work with you one day.

Mark Aylward

I have been a fan of many Netflix productions and your's is no different. Can you tell us how you got the gig for a Netflix production?

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

@ Mark - that's a great question. How does one get involved with Netflix or Red box for that matte? Please share?

Padma Narayanaswamy

I am Padma . I visited your website . I am impressed. Please take a look at my scripts posted here.

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