Introduce Yourself : Filmmaker by Alexia Anastasio

Alexia Anastasio


Hi, My name is Alexia Anastasio and I am a Filmmaker. I have produced 8 feature films.

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the community, Alexia, and congratulations on all your success. Hope you'll spend some time over in the Filmmaking section of the Lounge. You clearly have much to offer the community!

Nicole Eilers

Welcome, Alexia!

Sam Inglese

8 is a great number to grow from. What are you searching for next?

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Alexia!

John Schuler

Welcome Alexia. ;-)

Lisa Vandiver

Hi, congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes in the future.

Mae Ocie Riley


Liliana Angela Angeleri

Many congrats!

Jim Westlyn

Hey Alexia: Eight films is a very admirable catalog! Share some titles; I'd like to see your work.

Cherelynn Baker

Congratulations Alexia! Welcome to Stage 32 and goodluck on your next project!

Barry Ryerson

Hi! Pleasure to meet you.

Erika Toraya

wow- awesome! what part of town are you in Alexia? I write and act. Nice to meet you on here :)

Sunny Chae

Hi Alexia, I'd love to chat with you on collaborating and also would like to invite you to an industry networking and charity event I am producing next month, please message me. Thank you!

Kellie Burke

That's great! I'm a struggling screenwriter and currently writing my second screenplay and a TV show that's a like a fairy tale for the LGTBQ+ community if they like Game of Thrones. But I'm located in NYC.

Liliana Angela Angeleri

Many congrats. I'm the concept author of the series tv: "MISTRAL" of twelve episodes and of "HEROES and CHARACTERS (More or less MITICIANS" screenplays, of fourteen/sixteen episodes also in the English language that must be set in Italy with an international cast.

Pamela Bolinder

Alexia, hello. Wonderful to have you here.

Ian White


Pamela Bolinder

Alexia, I read: 'Interview with Alexia Anastasio, Director of Fantastic Santa Monaco' and was impressed by your candor.

Doug Nelson

A three year old post?

Pamela Bolinder

October 7, 2017, Sam FeganI interviews with Women Filmmakers

Aray Brown

Nice to meet you, Alexia ;) Congrats!

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