Introduce Yourself : Hello! by Grace Yee

Grace Yee


Hi Everyone! My name is Grace Yee and absolutely LOVE this community at Stage32!!

Regine Clemenceau

Hi Grace! Nice to meet you :) Fellow screenwriter here and script consultant, happy to help and collaborate with your projects :D

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Grace. Hope S32 is all you hoped it would be and more. Feel free to come have a chat about anything screenwriting-related anytime.

Ryan Christiansen

Hi Grace! :) Welcome!!! I definitely agree with you.... stage 32 is awesome!.... All the best :))

Karen "Kay" Ross

Aww, Grace, you're the best! I would say "a ray of sunshine" but then you switch and have this Toph-like humor, and really, it's the pairing that makes you so awesome. We love having you here!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Oh, and good news! If I search for Grace Yee, I can totally find you now! YAY! TY!

Grace Yee

Hi Kay!!! YOU ARE THEE BEST!!! You have such a presence and genuine sincerity which is so appreciated!! Thank you for the warmest welcome!

Grace Yee

HI Regine, Phil, and Ryan!! I don't know how to respond to each person's message so I'll do it here! Thank you for the warm welcome! So glad to meet you all!! What a great place to be!!!

Ryan Christiansen

You're welcome! :) I wish you much success here on stage 32 :))

Aray Brown

Nce to meet you ;)

Claude Gagne

Welcome aboard. Ask anything. Someone or many that know something will help you. lol.

Joyce Keokham

Hi Grace! I signed up for Stage32 recently and felt more encouraged to use it after seeing your interview :) Congrats on SHIRi!!! Hopefully we cross paths one day!

Casey Bowker

Welcome to the party!

Grace Yee

Hi Ryan, Aray, Claude, Joyce and Casey! Thank you for the warm welcome and kind wishes!

Grace Yee

Joyce Keokham Thank you for watching the interview! Karen "Kay" Ross from Stage32 was incredible and I feel so honored to be spotlighted. Stage32 has been an amazing platform and has created so many opportunities for me. So glad you are here! I'm sure our paths will cross!!

And thanks for the kind words!

David C Velasco

Welcome :)

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