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Allison Lopez

Introducing myself

Hello everyone! I am new to Stage32. So excited to finally have signed up!

I am an actress who has always wanted to write and because of all of the time in quarantine, I have finally written my first feature film, which I am really proud of. I have always wanted to embark on that journey and it's so amazing to finally have something finished. I realized as an actor and artist really, we can't always wait for someone to knock at our door. Anyway, very thrilled to join a page where so many creatives meet. Can't wait to grow and learn from all of you!

Tristan Hutchinson

Congratulations Allison. And welcome to Stage 32.

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community! Congratulatins on finishing you feature film! What's it about?

Giovanni Mota

Welcome to the industry Allison....

This message is to all the Actors and Screenwriters out there. I have a cinematic 6K Camera, I'm building a new trailer. I've been directing, shooting and editing for over 20 years. Any actor wanting to build their movie reel I can work with you for Extremely cheap. All you need is a simple short script. To all writers with short scripts I can help you as well. If you have a full feature and your budget is not enough contact me privately and we'll see. I have all cinematic equipment and I'm willing to shoot, direct and edit. All my editing is done with Premiere Pro and Davinci 17. Anyone wanting to contact me privately you may at I live in NYC.

Best wishes for everyone

G. Mota

Allison Lopez

Aray Brown thank you!!! Here's the logline for my screenplay .... "Running a New York City food cart with her mother, an underprivileged Salvadoran high school girl endeavors to get into college and forge her own path while struggling to keep her family above water. "

Giovanni Mota

Sounds interesting, I'm sure there's a lot of drama involved.

Is the script completed?

Diana Becronis Martwick

Welcome! Awesome use of your time. Can't wait for it! Hope you get a good reaction from the executives. Fingers crossed.

Nathan Mccoy

Congrats on writing your first screenplay. I would recommend (if you haven't already) registering your screenplay with WGA west:

or with the library of congress:

Allison Lopez

Diana Becronis Martwick thank you so much! I appreciate the positive vibes!

Allison Lopez

Nathan Mccoy Yes! Thank you, I registered it on both as soon as I finished the last draft. I appreciate the heads up! :)

Aray Brown

Sounds interesting ;) Are you looking for feedback?

Aray Brown

Stage 32 offers many great services including script coverage, contests, script consulting, executive mentorship program, screenwriting webinars and classes ;)

Aray Brown

If you need help or advice on navigating your screnwriting journey, shoot Jason Mirch i.e. Director of S32 Script Services at ;)

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Allison Lopez! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. If you'd like to learn more about myself and the Stage32 Team, we have an intro blog: Nice to meet you and welcome to the community!

Congratulations on your feature film, that's fantastic! Don't forget, you can post your logline on your profile so more members can give you feedback: Man, I just love everything about your post - your openness, your positivity, and your eagerness to grow! I can tell you're going to great things! Nice reel, too - are you acting during COVID?

I’m sure you’ve already discovered the Screenwriting Lounge (, but definitely reach out on the Acting Lounge ( for insight into characters, dialogue, and even when you want to generate interest in a virtual table read!

Keep in mind that these lounges are like the VIP Filmmaker's Lounges at Film Festivals, so this is where you can meet the people doing the work, get advice on anything you're working on, and/or give back to those who may need advice. We're a very supportive and encouraging community! I think you'd also enjoy my intro blog post on how to engage with the Stage32 Community:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect! And, of course, feel free to reach out at any time. Cheers!

Allison Lopez

Karen "Kay" Ross thanks a lot for the warm welcome :) really excited to have joined.

Lyter Daniel


Karen "Kay" Ross

You are most welcome! I look forward to seeing your updates in the lounges!

Selma Karayalcin

Good luck with your first script!

Xaviera Iglesias

Welcome to stage32 :)

David Henderson

Welcome Allison!

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