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Michaela Kale

Free script consultation

Good Afternoon Everyone.

If anyone is either post final draft, final draft or at any stage on their screenplay that would love another person eyes to read, give feedback on both the structure and the story FREE OF CHARGE (I know finances are hard at the moment), EMAIL ME at with a detailed biography, your story's logline and also a 2 line synopsis for your story. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ALL.

Patricia Poulos

This is so kind of you Michaela.

Jerel Damon

I might have script. I sent it to Stage32 to read but I think it spooked them. And it's not a horror.

Michaela Kale

Jerel, if you want, email me your script with the logline and 2 line synopsis for your story. I'll be happy to give it a read.

Desiree Argentina

Hi Michaela, does this go for shorts as well? I just finished one that is 21 pages and would love some feedback!

Michaela Kale

Hi Desiree. Yes, Shorts are welcomed. Email me at with your logline, 2 line synopsis and a PDF version of your script :) Look forward to hearing from you

Daisy White

So kind!

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