Success Stories: JUL'15 Got a screenplay request!

Toby Tate

Got a screenplay request!

Got a screenplay request from a producer who had done some coverage for me via Stage 32. I basically told her that the movie is moving forward, that we have attachments and have raised development funds, and she said, "Hey, send me the screenplay." So, I am cautiously optimistic. Okay - I'm excited!

Dan Guardino


Diana Martinez

What do you mean cautious mean optimistic? Have you met her in person and seen her credentials online?

Toby Tate

I mean cautiously optimistic that she will like it and want to produce it. Yes, her credentials are "impeccable," as they say. She does frequent pitch sessions here on Stage 32.

Toby Tate

Between $4-$5 million.

Toby Tate

Well, you're right about the A-listers. We have a director who has directed two successful features and several TV series episodes.

Chris Thomas

That's awesome! Congrats Toby! What's the genre?

Toby Tate

It is a supernatural thriller based on a true story, with a bit of Native American mythology mixed in.

Robert Franklin

Congrats to you!

Izzibella Beau


Boomer Murrhee

Way to go, Toby.

Anthony Moore


Hank Nae

and that is a success story ???? lol blah blah blah

Toby Tate

Just trying to give hope to people who have never had a screenplay request :)

Dina Arsenault

Fingers crossed for you sir!

James Drago

Congratulations Tony. I recently received a full request off of a 1st 10 coverage. Patiently awaiting the results!

Toby Tate

Awesome James! Glad to hear! From what I read on your profile, it looks like you already have a successful background.

James Drago

It's been a ride thus far. Sometimes it feels as if it's all beginning anew.

Pamela Bolinder

Hey Toby!

Laurie Woodward


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