Screenwriting : How many? by Bill Lonero

Bill Lonero

How many?

How many scripts are you working on at one time? Do you work on one until it’s finished or do you jump between multiple scripts? If you work on multiple scripts, are they of the same genre or do you work in multiple genres? Do you find yourself being inspired by one script and using some of the ideas from that one on another script?

Robert Sacchi

I may jump if I have another script idea that's reasonably developed. This way the concept doesn't get lost.

Jim Boston

Bill, until I got "Pixie Dust" finished and uploaded onto Stage 32, I'd been working on four scripts at a time...and they're all comedies.

John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

I usually have 3 going at a time. One sci fi, one true story and maybe one fantasy or a couple of shorts depending on comps. I have written short films that I liked and then turned into full features. Have done this twice thus far.

Derek Reid

Writing one at a time for now - although I do develop mental-ideas for future material or read articles I stumble upon that may have bearing on future material, etc.

Imo Wimana Chadband

I've written two at a time before. One was a drama and the other, a horror. Now, I tend to focus on one, but admittedly I will be editing others that have been finished on the side.

Robert Sacchi

Great going Jim Boston. Good luck with "Pixie Dust".

Lowrix Wilson

You can write more than five at one time, and it would be easier if each script is completely different than the other.

I am writing a comedy TV show while I'm trying to rewrite a horror script, and I'm doing a research for my next script.

Doug Nelson

I have a hard time just writing even one at a time.

Tennyson Stead

For me, it's one writing project of my own and one collaboration with my wife at a time. Once I've finished a draft, however, I typically move onto another project unless I'm already too frustrated with what I wrote to leave it alone.

Vital Butinar

I write multiple scripts at the same time but then when I see I'm close to completing one I leave the other ones alone for a while and work on the one I'm close to finishing. Then when I'm done back to standard practice.

Jim Boston

Thanks, Robert! All the VERY BEST to you, too!

Craig D Griffiths

I have an ideas file(s). I’ll start working on a script to see if it is a movie or not, 10 to 20 random pages is enough. Then I’ll go back and work on the main project.

This also is a placeholder for future characters. I have a story and try different characters in it.

I have a story about a mum that comes home from work in the minutes after a mega storm to find a man in her house and her daughter missing.

I just need to find the right character to play mum. I have written the rough story, I need real people to fill it.

Roy Phillips

I work on two to three scripts a year. They're not of the same genre, and I get what I want from both by making them stick to their outlines.

Eric Sollars

I finish a first draft of one script before starting another. I have gone back and worked on a script while working on a first draft of another. It's too tough working on two first drafts.

Dan Guardino

I only write one at a time.

Matthew Barker

I generally only write one at a time, but I do sometimes flip between drafts on different projects after I get feedback or a request to read. Depends what the priority is. For example, if one is optioned, work on it would take precedence over any other work. If I am working with a producer on a spec script, that script gets priority but, while the script is back with the producer being looked over, I might go back to another script.

Ramsey Anderson

Similar to above.. I can only focus on one first draft, which takes up ALL my space.. but once that draft is complete I can bounce around projects.

Matthew Barker

I should have made a similar distinction to Ramsey in that if it's a first draft, I cannot as easily jump between it and others.

Ruben Diaz

I'm always working on several projects at one time, depending on deadlines, desire, and momentum, I'll focus on one or another.

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