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Phillip E. Hardy, Prolifique

The Screenwriting Process: Favorite Part?

A lot of writers get excited about writing the words FADE TO BLACK. However, my favorite part of writing a screenplay is what I call The Zone. For me, that usually happens after thirty pages when the creative juices are really flowing and some of my best ideas emerge. 

What's your favorite part?

GiGi Raines

Love that! Totally know what you're talking about. My favorite part of writing a script is the beginning... me, my white board, and a lot of music mapping it all out.

Craig D Griffiths

For me, it is when the character become real for me. Real people, then I get to hang out with them. I get to give them stories to play in.

Maurice Vaughan

My favorite part is writing the climax. When the big showdown or confrontation happens. I think it's the most exciting moment to write and watch.

Jeffrey B. Wayne

For me it's that second draft. The first draft is like, "Hi, nice to meet you. And what do you do in the story?" with all the characters, the second draft is getting in deeper and really getting to know them for who they are and why they do what they do.

Phillip E. Hardy, Prolifique

Craig: I know what you mean. I often live vicariously through my characters.

Doug Nelson

Cashing the check when it's sold. I love unique & visionary openings and can really get involved in development (story & character). I hate when it jumps the track (a lot of 'em do).

Bob Johnson

My favorite part is when my characters take on a life of their own and do something completely unexpected (and much better than I had planned).

Kiril Maksimoski

When after outlining an idea, I realize I might have something filmable and watchable...aside that I agree with's not all through....only 2/3 of the stuff...

CJ Walley

Writing the scenes in full after I've done all the outlining and know every beat. It's a pure creative indulgence at that point with no fear or reservations.

Gentian Gjikopulli

For me is the moment of the so called “vomit script”, with all its frenetic writing that is closer to the heart. While, the second draft is the reasonable, structural and conceptual part, which is more to the mind. Both, compensating each other.

Dan MaxXx

Choosing a font for title page :)

Maurice Vaughan

Based on genre, right, Dan?

Jim Boston

Phillip, my favorite part is writing the dialog.

Billy Kwack

When it's finished

MB Stevens

I love the re-write. New ideas and answers to story issues surface. Onward and upward.

Debbie Croysdale

The dialogue between antagonist and protagonist when the switch/sting/climax to plot happens.

Andrea Zastrow

I also love the rewrite and the challenges of tightening the script while punching up the dialogue.

Art Wasem

I love the lie I type when I write The End. Because it so isn't!!!

Mark Giacomin

It's definitely NOT the proofing afterwards! My favourite part is if something new comes into the story & it clicks.

Maurice Vaughan

Definitely not proofing, Mark.

Maurice Vaughan

"The End" until rewrites, Art (before pitching, after the script is bought, on set). :)

Jason Mirch

I was writing yesterday and honestly I was pumped about the entire process. Going into that mind-palace writer's trance and "watching" the film play out in my head as I transcribe is so fun.

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