Screenwriting : What are you watching on TV? by Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

What are you watching on TV?

We’re all screenwriters here, right? Alright, some of us are screenwriters. Most of us watch some television during the week. With an array of cable networks pumping out some creative shows, and a few networks stepping up their game, there are many solid choices for you to consider. Over the past few seasons, some of my favorite shows have been Narcos, Longmire, Peaky Blinders, Californication, Better Call Saul, Glitch and Dreamland. I also love period pieces like Ripper Street, Marco Polo, The Medici’s and Versailles.

What are you watching and why? Are the shows you're viewing influencing your work?

Jody Ellis

I've been binging on "Shameless" which I only very recently discovered and am totally in love with. Just started season 2 of The Get Down. Watched some of The Santa Clarita diet and Love. Really just waiting for GOT to start, which has been delayed till July instead of the usual April season start. Ugh.

Philip Sedgwick

Feud. Been loving it. A sucker for Hollywood "history." Homeland. Eagerly awaiting the return of Silicon Valley. Took a liking to Designated Survivor.

Myron DeBose

The Walking Dead... The Strain... Penny Dreadful... Blacklist... Empire... and Lost Girl

Victor Titimas

I used to watch Stargate SG-1 a lot, until they cancelled it, Legend of the Seeker, Hercules:Legendary Journeys, Xena the Warrior Princess(Loved that Hercules Xena battle scene!! They made two Hercules movies and I don't know why Kevin Sorbo didn't act in any of them- It would've been awesome) and(not a TV show, I know) I used to watch A Haunting a lot....:) Maybe unconsciouslly they inspire me, one of my characters is based on a Stargate one, but I'd never purposely "steal" their concepts...

Bill Costantini

Man....there are so many great shows on.....but I only have time to watch Modern Family and The Strain.....I also watch old episodes of The Flip Wilson Show, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Playboy After Dark, and Eastside and Down....Danny McBride is the funniest person in the world. And of course...I watch my animal documentaries.....never mess with a Killer sir......

Aray Brown

I watch Bates Motel every Monday. I'm gonna be sad when it ends.

Aray Brown

Empire, Rebel, Underground,

Aray Brown

@Philip - I love Fued too. Admire Joan Crawford so much as an actress. Susan and Jessica are killing it!

Jan Walters

Love shows like the Vikings and Outlander. I love the period pieces on public television.

Kerri Philpott

Bates Motel, The Americans, The Magicians, Jane The Virgin, Black Mirror, Grace and Frankie, Canadian fare like the recent Anna Paquin project Bellevue and science fiction like Orphan Black, Dark Matter, and Killjoys. I like and learn from strong female characters.

Aray Brown

Bill, I'm entering in that contest. Wish me luck! ;)

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

It's nearly mind boggling how many great shows have already been mentioned. Some, I've never heard of and will check out like Project Bellevue. Hope I can find that one.

BIll C: I love that you mentioned *Playboy After Dark, which I used to watch the later version of that. Probably reruns in the mid-seventies. And I watched Earnie Kovac reruns and loved Percy Dovetonsils. The guys in Earnie's crew would bust up when he did that bit.

Kerri Philpott

Phillip: Bellevue aired on a Canadian network called CBC and her costar was a border crosser named Shawn Boyle who appeared on a fair number of episodes of Big Love and had an arc on House of Cards.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Nothing, now that Vikings isn't on. RIP Ragnar Lothbrok!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

My husband wants me to watch the hockey game (go Leafs go!)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

lol, I just realized Toronto's hockey team is grammatically incorrect. Leaves, not leafs!

Jacob Buterbaugh

Xena: Warrior Princess (my all time favorite), Vikings, Friends, Modern Family, Life Unexpected, Lost Girl, The Walking Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Weeds, Gilmore Girls...

Aray Brown

Waiting for the next season of Ash vs Evil Dead

Peter Brabson

Vikings, Black Sails, Billions, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Preacher, Younger, Designated Survivor. I watched the newest episode on Billions and I think the writing is absolutely BRILLIANT. It's one of the best shows on TV.

Craig D Griffiths

Netflix original stuff is good. HBO epic stuff and nearly anything BBC. I can recommend an Aussie SciFi (could be a thriller) called Glitch. Very twilight zone. Really good.

Mark Allen Frost

Outlander Season II begins tomorrow. Pretty stoked. Better Call Saul has started. Slightly disappointing 1st episode. Binging on Billions on Amazon. I like Glitch too.

Lisa Clemens

Into the Badlands. Great action (Shameless plug) by my writing partner Andy Cheng!

Kamala Lane

I am loving the miniseries offerings on HBO (The Night Of, Big Little Lies), on STARZ - Power and Survivor's Remorse, The Affair and Ray Donovan on Showtime, Greenleaf on OWN, Atlanta and You're the Worst on FX. On Netflix - The Get Down, Luke Cage, Black Mirror, The OA, Peaky Blinders (BTW - Adrien Brody joining the PB cast - woohoo!)

I just think these shows are great with compelling characters and layered storylines. Some of them drew me in with their subtlety, which I find unique.

Fiona Faith Ross

At the moment, I'm hooked on Netflix original, Reign (Mary Queen of Scots, real English/Scottish/French history, although I suspect the inclusion of Nostradamus is stretching credibility a little, but nevertheless it's a hugely entertaining drama).

Also, I loved The Crown, an extremely accurate and percipient account of our contemporary Queen Elizabeth's ascent to the throne and the accompanying challenges. The lead actress, Claire Foy, totally NAILS it. The rest of the cast, Prince Philip and Margaret, the Queen's sister, are also brilliant.

I also love Better Call Saul. Season 2 just started, folks. Not only is this prequel to Breaking Bad totally compelling, but the cinematography, production design and editing are art forms, and they are so good, I am watching Season 1 for a third time. This is dark and moody "Film Noir" reinvented for today's audience. Exceptional stuff. I mean, never mind your aluminium foil pointy hat, who would imagine a brilliant lawyer at the top of his game had to live in a foil lined house because he was allergic to electronic and electrical frequencies. Allergic to technology, anyone? It's too bizarre to imagine, but it makes for a totally original plot line.

That's enough for you lot to be going on with.

Dougie Brimson

The Good Fight.... awesome TV. And if you're here in the UK, the current series of Car Share is as cute a comedy as you'll ever see.

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