Success Stories: JUL'7 A Girl Walks into a Pitch Session...

A Girl Walks into a Pitch Session...

And walks out with a request to read her screenplay from Benderspink!! Thank you to Joey --my new best friend!!

Obi Okoli

Hope we drive with the kind of passion that will make the screen real effective and thereby contributing to global harmony. For now in my country, we need to improve and strengthen cinema content and technique, basically.

Nkosi Guduza

Haha. Love the 'new best friend' part :) x Congrats

Denise Meyers

Terry Ledyard....Joey Tuccio is MINE. But we can share him. And congrats, by the way. I love hearing success stories, even when they aren't mine....

Terry Ledyard

Ladies, ladies! These are modern times-- I'm sure we can work out some sort of happy arrangement!

Cathy Nerujen

Screenplay? That is awesome. There is hope for me yet.

Linda Kennedy

congrats hope all goes well for you, you made the first big hurdle , getting in the door

Terry Ledyard

Thank you, Lynn! I really appreciate the kind words! Us girls have to stick together!

Majid Saghir Malik

Well Done Terry. I wish you all the best. Did you pitch through Stage 32?

Helise Stamos

Getting a read is fabulous! Good luck!

Christopher Forsyth

How did these things happen for all of you? It also happened for me - but by pure happenstance - someone I knew who happened to know someone else at a large production company that was looking for material that my screenplay fit. It might be helpful for people to share how their successes came about.

Manuel Joaquin Santiago

Nice going!

Christopher Forsyth

Thanks for the info!

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