Success Stories: JUL'2 First time for everything

Chas Franko Fisher

First time for everything

So I promised myself I would never post anything in here until I achieved a certain tangible milestone (like gaining representation or getting material optioned/purchased). Nevertheless, here I am. As an Aussie writer trying to break into Hollywood from the other side of the planet, I find the Happy Writers services invaluable to gain access. I don't count read requests as success because I am confident in my ability to pitch. And most read requests result in endless deafening silence. In fact, one of the downsides of Stage32's pitching process is it does not give you the benefit of engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the exec you're pitching to. That said: I got coverage on my latest spec through Stage32. I got picked as the top 3 scripts of the month and mailed out. Just the other day, I got three read requests from major reps whom I had been trying to reach for years. The first time someone has requested my material without me having to go to great lengths to approach them. So that's my success story. Hopefully next time I post here, it is with real success :)

Eric Westlake

That's great, Chas. You may not view a request as a success but if no one asks to read it, how can you get to next level? All my best, I'm rooting for you.

Chas Franko Fisher

I see it as a necessary step, not "success" in and of itself. ;)

Boomer Murrhee

Every step must be made on this journey, you appear to be on your way. I commend you on this achievement.

Bruce Bray

Stay Driven man!

Mike Romoth

I'm always glad to see the success stories on here. Everyone works so hard to get read, and S32 really provides some opportunities that do not exist elsewhere. Good luck.

Ryan D. Canty

Congrats Chas!!!!!

Justin Kapr

Hard work pays off.

Pauline Baird Jones


Phil Parker

Fishing in the Hollywood pond while standing on a jetty in Australia? Yep, I feel ya. Best of luck with the reads!

Chas Franko Fisher

Just to second Joey here: he has set me up for some generals where I now have a relationship with the exec. And frankly, from Australia, that is nigh impossible without using something like Stage32. And having visited LA and met Joey in the flesh, he is our biggest supporter.

Phil Parker

Joey's help is invaluable and VERY appreciated fo sure! :-) Joey - I'm looking forward to meeting you one day soon, my brother!

Emma J Steele

I'm also an Aussie writer, Chas and completely agree with you about the access Joey and the team gives us. Joey is incredibly generous and supportive and I would not be inching closer to my goals without him. Every request, every read is a step closer and you should always celebrate that. I can't wait until I come over to LA and can thank Joey in person! Good luck with the reads, Chas!

Eric Westlake

I love Sydney.

Eric Gilmartin

Hello, Chas, welcome to the fun - sounds like you accomplished something worth discussing! (-:

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