Success Stories: JUN'30 RB and Stage 32 changed my life!

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Stephen Foster

RB and Stage 32 changed my life!

I was teaching an acting course (it's what I do in my FREE time) at For Actors My Actors and a student suggested I jump on to Stage32 (he said it was the Facebook) for actors and writers. At the time, my career was in a SLUMP (that means no calls, no one wants you, you are a zero) and so I did it. I started to NETWERK (my term for working contact via the net) and ended up in an indie called "Hidden Hills" (written and directed by Dan Steadman) which ended up going to film festivals. Through that contact, the indie comedy short "That's Opportunity Knocking" was created by Charles Pelletier and Cynthia Webster. We are NOW in 3 film festivals and already won 4 online awards. I should mention as a sidebar, RB offered a web course called "Is there a market for your short film?" by David Paterson. I highly recommend it. I highly recommend you work on stage 32 until u get a "breakthrough"!

Andrew Bee

Congratulations, Stephen. Isn't this site wonderful?

Lauran Childs


Debbie Croysdale

Congrats Stephen. Thanks for the share.

Jalleh Doty

thanks for the share; Still looking to further myself in the entertainment world, and whatever opportunities I can get

Art Thomas

That's great news. Thanks for sharing as it is encouraging to know that success is possible.

David Levy

Awesome news! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It makes the determination and drive chugging forward! Keep up the great momentum!

Stephen Foster

thanks everyone.

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